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Notice of Intent – Leasing Opportunity – Hangar One and Moffett Federal Airfield

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March 1, 2013
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Solicitation Number: 9PZ-HANGAR1-CA00026

Notice Type: Presolicitation

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Leasing Opportunity
Hangar One and Moffett Federal Airfield
NASA Ames Research Center
Mountain View, CA

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), on behalf of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), provides notice that the Government will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking a qualified lessee to provide for the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of historic Hangar One, located at the Ames Research Center and potentially the management of Moffett Federal Airfield in Mountain View, CA. While the primary objective is to facilitate the expeditious re-siding of Hangar One, the Government will also consider proposals to manage the Moffett Federal Airfield.

The proposed lease provides an opportunity for the private sector to collaborate with the Government to rehabilitate a structure whose rich history and distinctive architecture have made it an icon to the entire Silicon Valley region and to make better use of a government-owned asset.

NASA and GSA envision an opportunity to enhance the value of this significant asset to the Government, through a RFP process leading to a lease agreement with a non-Federal entity, while meeting its goals to:

* rehabilitate and maintain the historic integrity of Hangar One and the historic district;
* conform with the 2002 NASA Ames Development Plan (“NADP”) and Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement;
* eliminate NASA’s operating and maintenance cost for the airfield;
* provide net financial proceeds to the Government;
* leverage the expertise of the real estate industry;
* provide for public access; and
* obtain best value to the Government, through an open, public competition.

The selected entity, as a lessee to NASA, will be required to comply with applicable laws, regulations and policies relating to historic preservation, environmental compliance, and airfield operations to support ongoing mission and other Government objectives.

GSA intends to issue the RFP in Spring 2013. The release of the RFP will be widely announced and will be posted at In advance of the RFP issuance, GSA and NASA will meet with local stakeholders to explain the RFP process and the desired outcomes. The planned RFP will describe the property being made available for lease, provide response instructions to offerors and specify the evaluation criteria that will be used to assess the quality of all proposals. GSA intends to provide supplemental announcements relevant to the timing of the release of the RFP.

This NOI is being issued for information purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation. Any responses to this NOI will not be considered an offer and will not be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract.

For general inquiries, please contact David Haase at All media inquiries should contact Mafara Hobson at

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Posted Date: March 1, 2013
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Description: Notice of Intent – Leasing Opportunity – Hangar One and Moffett Federal Airfield

Contracting Office Address:

450 Golden Gate Avenue, Fourth Floor East
San Francisco, California 94102-3434
United States

Place of Performance:

NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Federal Airfield
Mountain View, California 94035
United States

Primary Point of Contact.:

David Haase
Fax: 415-522-3213

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