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By SpaceRef Editor
November 27, 2000
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Space environmental warning from 26 Nov 00 1415 to 27 Nov 00 0000 UT:
Proton event >100 MeV @ >1pfu warning.  Effects noticed on GOES spacecraft
(see GOES-10 events below).


UPCOMING:  NOAA-16 AMSU testing and SBUV activation scheduled for
this week, starting November 28.

NOAA-12 rev 49525 / W  at 2245Z on November 25:  Load failed
on first attempt due commanding problems.  Good load on second attempt. 
L4A and L2A were played back on the MSB, both playbacks were short due
to loss of BS lock.  The two playbacks on the HSB were clean. 
Only 80% of L4A and 59% of L2A were recovered, no replay is possible due
to DTR management.

NOAA-14 rev 30449 / W at 0825Z on November 26:   L5B noisy
from spacecraft.  96.3% recovered.  No re-transmittal required.

POES operations were nominal over the past 72 hours.


No change in the status of the DMSP spacecraft.

OPS49 rev 04935 / FAIR Antenna-C at 1832Z on November 25:  
Lost support.   During this pass Fairbanks ‘C’ antenna lost AUTOTRACK
and all telemetry in the middle of data playback and commanding problems. 
Cat1 data loss.  Ephemeris and stars loaded on following 2 revs.

DMSP operations were otherwise nominal over the past 72 hours.


No change in the status of the GOES spacecraft.

At 2239Z, 2245Z, 2309Z, and 2331Z on Saturday, November 25:  GOES-8
image frame breaks were observed lost and were attributed to high CRC errors.

At 0720Z on Sunday, November 26:  GOES-8 sounding frame start missed. 
Wallops CDA reset the 56KB line to correct problem.

At 0100Z, 0400Z, 0600Z, and 0700Z on Sunday, November 26:  GOES-10
data dropouts.  Cause still under investigation.

At 0139Z and 0145Z on Monday, November 27:   GOES-8 images
lost and at 0146Z sounder data lost.  SOCC system archive disk was

At 1833Z – 2219Z on Sunday, November 26:  GOES-10 yaw and magnetic
torquer telemetry indicated severe space storm activity.

GOES operations were nominal over the past 72 hours.


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