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New OneNASA Template for NASA Presentations

By SpaceRef Editor
December 13, 2002
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Editor’s note: The following was recently circulated within and outside of NASA. One would certainly hope that the OneNASA concept results in people changing their ways because it makes sense to do so – not simply because management says so. If this simply becomes a management fad it runs the risk of resembling the eradication of the old NASA “worm” logo. So far, I feel it is a little to early to draw conclusions.

Download PowerPoint Template

“This viewgraph template and instructions were widely distributed to Code S & Y funded scientists at JPL. A similar message with the template was sent to some of the University scientists working on
NASA missions.

We have been asked by the NASA Assistant Administrator of the Office of Public Affairs that all presentations by JPL personnel at AGU use the HQ supplied briefing chart template (attached) for their title slides. This is part of the “one NASA” message HQ wants to convey to the public. Since the “one NASA” concept is integral to the new JPL NASA contract, I would appreciate if you can spread the word and accommodate this request.

The Cover Template is for Powerpoint and VG presentations and handouts. They recognize that many people do poster presentations, which have already been prepared and can’t accommodate this at this time.”

SpaceRef staff editor.