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New NASA eClipsTM Videos Available

By SpaceRef Editor
March 5, 2011
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New NASA eClipsTM Videos Available

NASA eClipsTM has rolled out three new videos to captivate your students’ minds and inspire their imaginations.

This month NASA eClipsTM presents:
— Our World: What is the Solar System? (grades K-5)
— Real World: Centripetal Force (grades 6-8)
— Launchpad: Astrobiology (grades 9-12)

Our World has a new educator’s guide available online. Shower Clock allows students to think and act like engineers and scientists as they follow the five steps of the Design Process to complete a team challenge successfully. Within this work, students design, measure, build, test and re-design a shower clock. Once the shower clock is built, students discuss ways to conserve and recycle water.

To learn more about NASA eClipsTM, such as how the program can benefit your classroom, visit NASA eClipsTM on the Web.

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