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New NASA Centennial Challenges Announcement Deep Space Food Challenge Phase 1

By SpaceRef Editor
February 11, 2021
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New NASA Centennial Challenges Announcement

Fed Register Notice# 2021-00908 

Deep Space Food Challenge Phase 1

On behalf of NASA’s Prizes, Challenges and Crowdsourcing program, Centennial Challenges is pleased to announce that Phase 1 of the Deep Space Food Challenge is now open, and interested teams that wish to compete may now register on the official Challenge site at  The Deep Space Food Challenge is a coordinated effort between NASA and the Canadian Space Agency. NASA is providing a $500,000 USD prize purse, and the Methuselah Foundation will be conducting the Challenge on behalf of NASA.


The Deep Space Food Challenge seeks to create novel food production technologies or systems that require minimal inputs and maximize safe, nutritious, and palatable food outputs for long-duration space missions, and have potential to benefit people on Earth. The Challenge is expected to be composed of three phases:  Phase 1 (the current phase) is the Design Phase and requires teams to design a novel food production technology concept and provide a detailed explanation of how it meets the Challenge goals and performance criteria.   The initiation of Phase 2 is contingent on the emergence of promising submissions in Phase 1 that demonstrate a viable approach to achieving the Challenge goals. In Phase 2, Teams would build and demonstrate prototypes of their proposed food production technology. The rules for Phase 2 will be released prior to the opening of Phase 2. The initiation of Phase 3 is contingent upon the outcomes of Phase 2. 


Official documentation related to this Challenge can be found at


NASA welcomes applications from individuals, teams, and organization or entities that meet the eligibility requirements as stated in the Official Rules.  U.S. government employees may enter the competition, or be members of prize-eligible teams, so long as they are not acting within the scope of their Federal employment, and they rely on no facilities, access, personnel, knowledge or other resources that are available to them as a result of their employment except for those resources available to all other participants on an equal basis.  Refer to the Official Challenge Rules for a complete set of eligibility requirements.


Interested teams should submit their registration by 5:00pm Central Time on May 28, 2021.  Submissions must be received by 5:00pm Central Time on July 30, 2021.  No submissions will be accepted after this date.


This email is being sent on behalf of the Centennial Challenges program and is intended as an informational announcement to the science and research communities.  NASA Centennial Challenges, part of the Prizes, Challenges, and Crowdsourcing program within NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate, bridges the innovation gap between NASA and the nation by catalyzing sources of innovation inside and outside of the traditional aerospace community. The program offers incentive prizes to generate revolutionary solutions to problems of interest to NASA and the nation.


Thank you for your continued interest in NASA. Please refer to the Challenge Website for contact information. 



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