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New Date for UQ HyShot experiment

By SpaceRef Editor
October 25, 2001
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The first launch of The University of Queensland’s experimental HyShot
scramjet has been rescheduled to Tuesday, October 30 at 11:30am [Oct. 29,
2130 UTC] at Woomera, north of Adelaide.

HyShot international program co-ordinator Dr Susan Anderson said the
rescheduling would enable researchers and the launch team to resolve all
technical issues, ensuring the $1.5 million project runs as smoothly as

“It is not unusual in this type of experiment for there to be some
flexibility in launch dates,” Dr Anderson said.

The HyShot experiment involves the world’s first flight tests using
supersonic combustion scramjets — oxygen breathing engines that work
at hypersonic speeds, giving off water as the only by-product and only
needing some hydrogen to run.

Photographs of HyShot preparations at Woomera this week can be viewed at:

and downloaded at:

For captions, please send an email to

For further information, please contact:

Peter McCutcheon (mobile: 0413 380 012)


Jan King (mobile: 0438 320 274) at UQ Communications.

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