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Network for Life Detection (NfoLD): The White Paper on Standards of Evidence in Life Detection

By SpaceRef Editor
October 28, 2021
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Dear Astrobiology Community,

In July, 2021 the Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NExSS) and the Network for Life Detection (NfoLD) Research Coordination Networks hosted a community workshop on Biosignature Standards of Evidence. During this workshop, participants developed a generalized framework for biosignature detection and assessment, and discussed and identified best practices needed to develop a reporting protocol for potential biosignature detection. 

The participants have now completed a draft white paper report summarizing the workshop discussions and major findings. The white paper sections describe the motivation for community development of biosignature assessment and reporting protocols, a description of the generalized assessment framework, worked examples of how the framework could be applied for specific biosignatures and measurement techniques, a discussion of how the framework can be applied throughout a spaceflight mission life cycle, discussions on the reporting protocol development, and a summary of key takeaways and future work.

The workshop participants are now soliciting community comments and offering members of the scientific community the opportunity to co-sign the white paper at

The comment period will close on November 10th. 

Sent on behalf of:
Vikki Meadows, Heather Graham, and the Biosignature Standards of Evidence Workshop Participants

SpaceRef staff editor.