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Nature, Table of Contents, Vol 422 No 6927 pp1-98 [Excerpts]

By SpaceRef Editor
March 8, 2003
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Astronomers urge NASA not to cut corners on Hubble successor, 3 doi:10.1038/422003a

‘Revolutionary’ telescope gets green light, 4 doi:10.1038/422004a

Book Reviews

HOWARD J. SINGER reviews Storms from the Sun: The Emerging Science of Space Weather by Michael J. Carlowicz, and Ramon E.Lopez

News and Views

Cosmology: Filling in the background, 26 – SEAN CARROLL- Data from NASA’s Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe reveal the cosmic microwave background in more detail than ever before. But will cosmology become a victim of its own success?

Planetary science: Kuiper-belt interlopers, 30 – A. MORBIDELLI AND H. F. LEVISON
Objects in the Kuiper belt, which lies beyond Neptune, occur as two distinct populations. One group may have migrated from a region closer to the Sun, caught by Neptune’s gravity as it wandered in the early Solar System. doi:10.1038/422030a

Letters to Nature

Formation of recent martian gullies through melting of extensive water-rich snow deposits, 45
PHILIP R. CHRISTENSEN doi:10.1038/nature01436

Iron–silica interaction at extreme conditions and the electrically conducting layer at the base of Earth’s mantle, 58 L. DUBROVINSKY, N. DUBROVINSKAIA, F. LANGENHORST, D. DOBSON, D. RUBIE, C. GEMANN, I. A. ABRIKOSOV, B. JOHANSSON, V. I. BAYKOV, L. VITOS, T. LE BIHAN, W. A. CRICHTON, V. DMITRIEV & H.-P. WEBER doi:10.1038/nature01422

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