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National Institute of Aerospace – Research and Education Institute

By SpaceRef Editor
February 6, 2002
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POC Richard T. Cannella, Contract Specialist, Phone (757) 864-2494, Fax (757) 864-9774, – Rosemary C. Froehlich, Contracting Officer, Phone (757) 864-2423, Fax (757) 864-8863

NASA is committed to fostering greater involvement by the larger scientific community it serves in the accomplishment of its overall science and research programs. One method of implementing this enhanced collaboration between NASA and the broader research community is through the establishment of a Science and Research Institute. The formation of a Science and Research Institute is governed by NASA Procedures and Guidelines (NPG) 5000.1 “Establishing a Science and Research Institute.” A Science and Research Institute is consistent with NASA’s Strategic Plan and represents a significant and long-term commitment on the part of the Agency. The Institute, rather than NASA, shall provide the intellectual leadership role and form the central focus of the science and research program conducted by the Institute.

The primary goals for the Institute are to:

  • Create a strategic partner to conduct leading edge research in collaboration with LaRC.
  • Leverage the intellectual capital of the academic community to fulfill the LaRC mission.
  • Leverage the assets of LaRC for the public purposes of creating new knowledge and a better-educated workforce.

    LaRC intends to establish the National Institute of Aerospace with the following requirements:

  • Conduct leading edge aerospace research and develop revolutionary new technologies by creating innovative, synergistic partnerships among LaRC, academia, and industry;
  • Provide comprehensive graduate education in science and engineering by using both a local campus and exploiting innovative distance learning concepts
  • Incubate, stimulate, and commercialize new intellectual property
  • Promote aerospace science and engineering and provide outreach to the region and nation

    LaRC will solicit competitive proposals and implement the Institute through the award of two instruments, a cooperative agreement and an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) task order contract. In accordance with NPG 5000.1, the lead proposing entity must be a domestic academic institution or a not-for-profit organization, or a consortium of such entities. This solicitation will result in the award of the two instruments to one entity. This NRA outlines the desired form, scope, schedule, and funding guidelines for such proposals. Selection and award may occur within 180 days following the receipt of proposals in response to this announcement.


    NASA Langley Research Center
    Industry Assistance Office, Mail Stop 144
    Hampton, VA 23681-2199
    *Clearly mark all proposals/boxes as follows:
    “NRA Number NRA-02-LaRC-01”

    The enclosed draft NRA is provided for your review and you are invited to make comments on all aspects of the solicitation, including the requirements, proposal instructions, and evaluation approach. You are specifically requested to identify any unnecessary or inefficient requirements or risks. Please submit comments, suggestions, and questions regarding this Draft NRA by February 13, 2002 to Richard Cannella. In addition, see Section 1.10 regarding the Pre-Solicitation Conference scheduled for January 31, 2002.

    The Government is not requesting proposals by the issuance of this draft NRA and does not intend to make award on the basis of this draft announcement. Please note that the Government will not pay for costs associated with the preparation or submission of your comments regarding this draft NRA. The final NRA for the requirement covered by this solicitation will include a summary of the disposition of significant draft NRA comments.

    Funds are not currently available for awards under this NRA. The Government’s obligation to make awards is contingent upon the availability of appropriated funds from which payment can be made and the receipt of proposals that NASA determines are acceptable for award under this NRA. It is anticipated that funds will be available to allow for award and start-up of the Institute during the last quarter of fiscal year 2002.

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