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NASA/USAF One Team Industry Review Day (with participant briefing charts)

By SpaceRef Editor
January 17, 2002
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Industry Review Day

One Team, a joint Air Force and NASA team, is engaged in a 120-day study to create a roadmap for the development of a national operationally responsive spacecraft capability, with a focus on reusable vehicles.Ê As part of the study, the U.S. Air Force is hosting an Industry Review Day at The Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, California on 17 January 2002.

The purpose of the Industry Review it to give industry the opportunity to review interim status of the study, and to provided comments and recommendations on the material presented.Ê One Team is asking industy to provide documentation of comments and recommendations in the form of white papers to be delivered no later than two weeks after Industry Review Day. Government participation in the event will be at the rank of Colonel and below.

About One Team

Formed as a result of the
Secretary of the Air Force and the NASA Administrator’s shared belief that the Air
Force and NASA should work together to meet the nation’s spacelift requirements, One
Team is a team of Air Force and NASA personnel working together to develop an
operationally responsive spacelift capability for the nation.

Leveraging the resources of both
the Air Force and NASA, One Team is engaged in a 120-day study to create a roadmap for the
development of operationally responsive spacelift, with a focus on reusable vehicles, that
provides utility for both Air Force and NASA mission needs. The team is further organized
into five sub-teams:

  • Program Integration Team
  • Program Developmenttml”m
  • Requirements/Operations Team
  • Science & Technology Team
  • Architecture & Concepts Team

One Team organization chart

Read- Ahead Material

The material provided in this section is intended to give industry a general background on the One Team 120-day study, as well as provide an idea of what kinds of comments and advice One Team seeks from industry. A list of questions to industry from One Team is provided. Industry is invited to comment on any of these questions to the level of detail they see fit. Input from industry will be aggregated and included in the final results of the study. Responses can be submitted in the form of a white paper by January 28th to insure consideration in the final results briefing. Procedures and a POC for the submission of white papers will be given out at the Industry Review Day.

The following are briefings presented to industry at Industry Review Day on 17 Jan ’02. Two of these briefings are very large (10MB+). In the event that you can’t download the entire briefing in one piece, those two briefings have been broken down into smaller segments.

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