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NASA’s Digital Learning Network Presents September Webcasts

By SpaceRef Editor
September 10, 2010
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NASA’s Digital Learning Network is planning a number of education webcasts during the month of September. DLN events feature science, technology, engineering and mathematics content that highlights NASA missions and research. All DLN events are free.

This month, the following webcasts will take place.

Solar System Mathematics — Sept. 13, 2010, 4:30-5:30 p.m. EDT

The Aerospace Education Services Project is presenting a free webcast. Teachers of grades 5-8 are invited to explore solar system mathematics resources in this one-hour professional development webcast. The webcast will show teachers how to use NASA curriculum support materials in the classroom. Participants will develop a better understanding about using space science to teach mathematics.

DLiNFocus: NASA Careers Close Up — Sept. 15, 2010, 2-3 p.m. EDT

Meet computer scientist Ivonne Deliz. Deliz works in the Human Computer Interaction Group at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California. She develops components for SPIFe, a mission planning and scheduling tool that has been used in the Mars Rovers (Spirit and Opportunity) Mission and Phoenix Mars Lander. The tool also will be used in the International Space Station, Mars Science Laboratory and other upcoming missions. Ivonne holds a B.S. in computer science from Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras and an M.S. in computer science from Columbia University, Rio Piedras. Five lucky classes per time slot will interact with Ivonne LIVE. For more details on how to participate interactively, click on the Special Events link on the DLN home page.

Blast Back to School With John McBride — Sept. 16, 2010, 10-10:45 a.m., 11-11:45 a.m., 1-1:45 p.m., 2-2:45 p.m. EDT

Join host Damon Talley and astronaut Jon McBride to learn more about Jon’s experiences as a student in school and what it takes to be an astronaut. Three lucky classes per time slot will interact with astronaut McBride LIVE. For more details on how to participate interactively, click on the Special Events link on the DLN home page. For those unable to register, your class can join in on the webcast!

Lunabotics Mining Competition — Sept. 22, 2010, 3-4:30 p.m. EDT

Join host Damon Talley and his guest Susan Sawyer as they share Kennedy Space Center’s Lunabotics Mining Competition. The Lunabotics Mining Competition is a university-level competition. It challenges students to design and build a remote-controlled or autonomous excavator, called a lunabot, that can collect and deposit a minimum of 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of lunar simulant within 15 minutes. The complexities of the challenge include the abrasive characteristics of the lunar simulant, the weight and size limitations of the lunabot, and the ability to control the lunabot from a remote-control center.

Summer of Innovation 2010 DLN Webcasts: The Digital Learning Network completed nine webcasts for NASA’s Summer of Innovation Project 2010. The webcasts feature engineers and scientists from around the agency presenting information about their areas of expertise and their careers. These webcasts have been archived and are available to watch online.

For more information about these webcasts and to register to take part in the interactive opportunities, visit Questions about these events should be directed to Caryn Long at

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