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NASAGSFC Management Council Meeting 8 Jan 2001

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January 8, 2001
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  • Directors of are to speak to supervisors who have not taken IT Security training.  All training should be completed in the next 30 days.
  • Will travel to JSC on Thursday for CSOC Quarterly meeting.
  • Walter Fauntroy will be here tomorrow in celebration of Martin Luther King’s Birthday.
  • Center Director’s Colloquium is scheduled for Wednesday.
  • Will be on annual leave 2/12/01 through 2/20/01.


  • EO-1 MOC visit was done last week.  Everything is going well.
  • Meeting with HQ/Y/Asrar today on ESSP Budget Options and VCL.
  • Contractor Safety Forum is scheduled for this afternoon.
  • SWIFT Confirmation Review is scheduled for Friday.
  • STEREO Independent Assessment is scheduled for Friday.
  • Need inputs on Air Force Research Lab opportunity by COB on Friday.


  • Will attend Landsat Workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday.


  • GSA computing award to CSC for upgrade replacement of computer capabilities over the next 7 years.


  • AAS, Newborn Star, and HST are all in the news this week.
  • Channels 5 and 9 to do pieces on GSFC this week.
  • Baltimore/DC stations to do Q&A session with STS 98 crew this week.
  • Distributed 2001 PAO calendar.
  • Distributed handout on communications.


  • Walter Fauntroy will visit WFF on Thursday.


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  • MAP is starting to be integrated.


  • Working HESSI problem found during thermal vac test.


  • Received Discovery AO results.  No GSFC missions were selected.


  • Two long duration balloons are in the air in Antarctica.
  • Fauntroy and Aldrin are visiting on 1/11/01.
  • WFF requested to be one of four new emergency shuttle landing sites.


  • Will attend Landsat Conference this week.
  • MODIS meetings are scheduled later in January.
  • IWG will be held in Florida.
  • AMS meeting is upcoming.
  • Several Terra special sessions are scheduled.


  • The workforce database iteration is due today.
  • W2’s will be mailed out on 1/12/01.


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  • The OIG final Audit Report on CSOC was issued to HQ/M.  Seven recommendations were made to OSF.  Code M nonconcurred on the OIG findings in
    July.  The OIG found management’s comments to be nonresponsive.
  • The OIG issued its final Audit Report on Health Care Costs at NASA Contractors.  The OIG made two recommendations to HQ/H.
  • The OIG has announced plans for five OIG IT security inspections.  Will provide more information when it is received.
  • The OIG has informed NASA of its FY 2002 audit planning cycle.  GSFC folks may be contacted to provide information in particular TBD subject areas.
  • The OIG continues to review NASA’s Planning and Implementation for PDD 63.
  • The OIG has issued its final Audit Report on NASA’s Use of Smartpay Purchase Cards.  The OIG made two recommendations to HQ/H.
  • GAO denied both protests of the Mission Assurance Services contract award.
  • A telecon is scheduled this week with HQ/H to review GSFC’s progress in implementing RBAM on our contracts.  Reviews will occur with all Centers.  This
    is a major effort and may have cost implications.
  • Flu shot vaccine has arrived.  The Health Unit will offer immunizations to NASA Civil Servant employees every day from noon to 3 p.m. until 1/19/01. 
    After 1/19/01, they will be offered every Monday and Thursday from noon to 3 p.m.
  • Ice-skating on Center ponds is prohibited.  Signs are being posted.
  • The Chemical Inventory Data Call was issued to the Center on 1/3/01.  The due date is 2/2/01.  This particularly impacts Code 600.


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  • Recruiting announcement was in the Post yesterday.
  • NIAT web cast is scheduled for this Thursday.  Six conference rooms are set up on Center.
  • OPM survey on Merit Systems Principles is out.


  • Nominations for Diversity Dialog Process are due 1/10/01.

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