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NASA’s Approach to Increasing On-Site Work & Town Hall Transcript

By SpaceRef Editor
May 8, 2020
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I’d like to thank everyone who was able to tune into Wednesday’s virtual NASA town hall on returning to on-site work. I understand there were some audio issues, so we’ve made the transcript of the town hall available online.

We covered a lot of territory during the town hall, including the criteria we are using to develop these plans, mitigating risk in the workplace, high-risk and vulnerable populations, and the role of personal responsibility. 
As I said in the town hall, a balance must be kept between mission priorities and the health and safety of you and your family.  The latter continues to take priority. To make sure the workforce can do what’s best, we’ve tried to lay out guidelines and considerations that anticipate an evolving situation and allow for dynamic plans that tolerate changing conditions.  
As these conditions become safer, there will be a phased and gradual return to work at agency centers and facilities.  We know it has to be at a “condition level” where you really do feel safe. If you do not feel comfortable working on-site, or returning to work on-site, please talk to your supervisor about options to address your concerns. We will make every effort to provide alternate work arrangements without reservation or reprisal. Those who can accomplish their job via telework are encouraged to continue doing so.
As we move toward more of the workforce returning to their work site, we will make sure every employee is empowered with information that will help them make the best decisions for themselves, their families and colleagues, and NASA. 
Please continue to refer to the NASA People coronavirus page for the latest information, including the:

·         NASA Framework for Return to On-Site Work, and

·         Transcript of the May 6 NASA Town Hall.

Center and facility leaders, in coordination with NASA leadership at Headquarters, are working on return to on-site work plans and, as they are finalized, these plans will be communicated with each center workforce. So, in addition to checking the NASA People Coronavirus webpage, be sure to look out for messages from your center or facility leadership.
Finally, thank you again, for the tremendous effort on all fronts. We appreciate your patience as together we figure out this time in history.  Stay safe and stay healthy!
Jim Morhard

SpaceRef staff editor.