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NASA Weekly Update from the Administrator – Sept. 8, 2020

By SpaceRef Editor
September 8, 2020
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I hope everyone enjoyed a well-deserved extended Labor Day weekend. Our agency’s schedule this month is packed with important milestones and mission-critical work to further our science and technological goals. 
  • Top News: Last week, we announced that the agency is funding eight new projects exploring connections between the environment and COVID-19. Advanced satellite imaging is a powerful tool NASA’s Earth Science Division is excited to leverage to better understand the regional-to-global impacts of the pandemic.
  • Next Up: This Thursday, Sept. 10, at 10:30 a.m. EDT I will be making an important announcement during my keynote at the Summit for Space Sustainability. I am excited to discuss the critical mass of Artemis milestones NASA has achieved and many more we are on the cusp of reaching.
  • Shout Out: NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge 2020, dubbed the largest global hackathon in the world, will be kicking off its 9th year on Oct. 2-4. The event brings innovators of all ages and backgrounds together to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. NASA employees can share the opportunity with friends and family, or involve kids learning at home in the all-virtual event this year. Teams can choose from space- and Earth-related challenges to challenges focused on history and youth. There’s something for everyone! 
Last week the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope team announced it successfully completed the primary mirror (pictured below) for the telescope, which will collect and focus light from cosmic objects near and far. This is an exciting milestone that signals increasing momentum for our mission to discover more about our universe than ever before.
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Jim Bridenstine

SpaceRef staff editor.