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NASA Weekly Update from the Administrator – Sept. 14, 2020

By SpaceRef Editor
September 14, 2020
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What a busy and exciting month. Our Green Run tests on the Space Launch System rocket are nearing completion with every passing day, and NASA is moving forward on a host of era-defining missions to advance our understanding of science and technology!
  • Top News: Last week, I announced our solicitation for commercial companies to provide proposals for the collection of space resources. NASA will pay for the collection and in-place ownership transfer to the agency of lunar resources in compliance with the Outer Space Treaty. The commencing of this practice will fuel a new era of exploration and discovery to benefit all of humanity. The agency will determine retrieval methods for the transferred lunar regolith at a later date.
  • Next Up: NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement is hosting Join Artemis Week as part of its back to school social media efforts beginning today through Sept. 18. Resources and opportunities for students of all ages will be shared each day to inspire them to engage with NASA’s Artemis program. Educator webinars are also scheduled in English and Spanish that will feature Artemis content that aligns with national STEM education standards. For more information, follow @NASASTEM on Twitter.
  • Shout Out: High visibility program and project contract awards are often in the limelight, but functions such as contract closeout are just as important to ensuring agency success. Congratulations to the Office of Procurement, Rochelle Overstreet, and the whole Contract Closeout Capability Team for developing innovative improvements to the contract closeout process that will ensure the timely return of unused contract funding for future use and avoid the loss involved with cancelling funds.
Sustainability of future human exploration in space depends on development of advanced manufacturing technology. NASA’s Rapid Analysis and Manufacturing Propulsion Technology project is working to prove the use of 3D printing to quickly manufacture rocket engine parts. 
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