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NASA Travel Guidance for MSFC Contractors

By SpaceRef Editor
September 26, 2001
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NASA Travel Guidance

Per direction from NASA Headquarters, the following instructions for NASA
travelers are provided. Specific instructions will be forthcoming to the
contractor personnel from the MSFC contracting officers. NASA Headquarters
has issued these instructions for the safety and security of our employees
and contractors.

The primary instruction is that the only travel performed by our employees
or contractors is that which is considered “mission critical” and/or
“safety related”. The definition of mission critical travel is travel that
is absolutely necessary to the mission of NASA. In other words, if the
travel does not occur, it would severely impede MSFC’s or NASA’s mission.

Every order regardless of the type of TDY, must contain a justification
(Block 15 of NASA form 372 for domestic travel or block 19 of NASA Form 386
for foreign travel) as to why the trip is mission critical and what the
impact to NASA would be if the trip did not occur. Signatures on travel
orders will be as follows:

* All mission critical and/or safety related domestic travel orders
will revert to the signature levels in effect prior to the national
disaster. These are the officials who have been previously designated to
sign orders in their respective directorates. These officials are tasked
with the responsibility of assuring that the orders they sign are mission
critical or safety related.

* All foreign travel will require approval by the Center Director.

* All travel to launches by Center employees will require approval by
Center Director.

* All travel to conferences, symposia, or similar gatherings
(training events are included) will require approval by the Center Director.

* All orders for travel via automobile in excess of 300 miles
(one-way) will require approval by the Center Director. This includes POV
travel which is advantageous to the government, constructive travel via
POV, and travel via government auto.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time. If you have
questions regarding the travel policy, please contact Tina Walker of the
MSFC Travel Office, 4-7291.

SpaceRef staff editor.