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NASA SWIFT: GRB 060413: Swift detection of a burst

By SpaceRef Editor
April 13, 2006
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NASA SWIFT: GRB 060413: Swift detection of a burst

NUMBER: 4957
SUBJECT: GRB 060413: Swift detection of a burst
DATE: 06/04/13 19:29:00 GMT
FROM: Jamie A. Kennea at PSU/Swift-XRT

C. Pagani (PSU), S. D. Barthelmy (GSFC), D. N. Burrows (PSU), J. R. Cummings (NASA/ORAU), A. D. Falcone (PSU), S. D. Hunsberger (PSU), J. A. Kennea (PSU), D. M. Palmer (LANL) and P. Romano (INAF-OAB) report on behalf of the Swift Team:

BAT detected a GRB at 18:40:24. The BAT in-flight position is RA, Dec 291.300d, +13.808d (J2000). There were no immediate notices because the TDRSS link was down at the time. No information is available about the light curve until the full data arrive in about an hour.

XRT began observing at 18:42:19UT, 115 seconds after the BAT trigger. XRT centroided on a bright, fading, uncatalogued X-ray point source at the following coordinates:

RA(J2000): 19 25 07.5

Dec(J2000): +13 45 26.4

with an estimated uncertainty of 5 arcsec radius (90% containment). This position is 194 arcseconds from the BAT position. The estimated flux from this burst is 1.0E-8 erg/s/cm^2 (0.2-10 keV). Note that the flux in the GCN XRT position notice was underestimated by a factor of 10.

The UVOT took a V finding chart. Only raw data (no coordinates) are available at this time. Further results will be available following the full data download.

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