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NASA STS-128 Execute Package FD10

By SpaceRef Editor
September 6, 2009
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NASA STS-128 Execute Package FD10

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1. Spinal Elongation – Nicole, CJ: Reminder that the imagery taken during Spinal Elongation setup needs to be downlinked as quickly as possible for you to be given a go to proceed with operations this afternoon. Please make a call down to Shuttle OCA as soon as the imagery card is placed in the PGSC so the images can be downlinked and processed. In addition, please notify the ground when the data collection photos are ready for downlink, as they require special processing.

2. EVA Battery Charger – Danny, we added an EVA Battery Charger Module trouble24 shooting activity to the timeline for today because of some charging anomalies that happened overnight. EHIP battery sn1025 and PGT battery sn1004 did not charge nominally. Troubleshooting steps are contained in MSG 088.

3. CBM CPAs – For all – Please be especially careful today around the CBM CPAs during transfer ops to and from the MPLM. The CPA connectors are susceptible to damage and we have incurred connector damage on past flights.

C.J. and Christer, yesterday we installed CPA 4 and temp stowed the caps in Node 2 [1.0 CTB S/N: 1351]. During today’s remaining CPA installs, please retrieve these caps and stow them with the others per the stowage note in the MPLM VOK.

4. Attitude Control Handover Info – The nominal ISS attitude control config during crew wake inhibits the Auto Attitude Control Handover from US momentum management to RS thrusters; during crew sleep, the Auto Handover is enabled. The team has decided to wait to inhibit this Auto Handover until after CMG1 has been added back into the steering law today. Therefore, you will stay in the “crew sleep” config, Auto Handover enabled, until about MET 8/16:00. The CMG1 activity is a dynamic event, but is not expected to saturate the CMG system. The enabled Auto Attitude Control Handover US to RS FDIR provides protection for a Loss of ISS Attitude control should CMG saturation unexpectedly occur.

5. Outlook – The Outlook files are becoming large. Please delete your Sent Mail or move it into your Personal Folders.

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