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NASA STS-128 Execute Package FD05

By SpaceRef Editor
September 1, 2009
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NASA STS-128 Execute Package FD05

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Good morning Danny, Christer, CJ & Jose

Welcome to your most challenging day of transfer! Your hard work yesterday paid off and has made today’s choreography a little easier. You are 63 percent complete on Middeck, 3 percent complete on MPLM, and 11 percent complete overall. Today you will be transferring 3 racks and relocating all of the pre-pack bags!

The Transfer List Excel file, FD05_Transfer_List_STS128.xls, locations are:

* Shuttle: C:\OCA-up\transfer (KFX machine)

* Station: K:\OCA-up\transfer

Transfer Notes

* LiOH: We have uplinked a new version of the LiOH procedure to replace the one that flew in the MPLM Resupply Transfer Book. The only change is that on FD10 you’ll be transferring 7 LiOH cans from Middeck to MPLM instead of 8. There was an extra can pregathered for return so it is taking the place of one of the Middeck used cans in the MPLM.

* Pre-pack Relocate: As you relocate the Pre-pack bags from the Lab to the MPLM Endcone, we need for you to open pre-pack bag #532. Inside this bag is STS-126 LiOH can #22. Please confirm that this can is marked as used. If this can is not used then remove it from the CTB and stow it at NOD1S4_C2/D2/E2/F2 with the other ISS LiOH. This CTB has been added to Christer & CJ’s choreography.

* Pressure Probe: The pressure probe (item 617) that you reported as stowed at MF14K needs to be double bagged because it contains a TOX 2 battery. Retrieve 2 ziplock bags already in that location and stow the pressure probe inside.

* Choreography: Since the choreography for today is so complex, we have assigned transfer items to specific transfer blocks of time. The item numbers will be reflected in the detail pages for each block of transfer time. Complete the items listed in your detail pages for each block and then work on pre-pack relocation once the items are complete.

SpaceRef staff editor.