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NASA STS-127 Execute Package FD13

By SpaceRef Editor
July 27, 2009
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NASA STS-127 Execute Package FD13

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Mark and Doug,

Once again it was great to talk with you last night! There aren’t too many items for you to complete today, but we do have several questions. Since you undock tomorrow, please call down as you have questions throughout the day, so we can help you with them real-time.

Transfer Notes

* MPC Transfer – Please reference MSG 118 MPC Transfer for powering down and disconnecting the shuttle MPC prior to transfer to ISS. We have also added resupply items 802, 802.1, and 802.2 to your transfer list. This procedure is not specifically called out in today’s timeline, so please complete it during your transfer ops time.

* Shuttle Food – ISS greatly appreciates your willingness to leave behind some of your food. We have added resupply item 804 to your transfer list with directions for how we’d like the food transferred to ISS. In short, you’ll retrieve empty 0.5 CTBs from ISS in which to pack and transfer the food.

* Blood Collection Kit – In response to last night’s comment that you could not locate Blood Collection Kit s/n 1009 (Return Item 704.1), we were expecting this kit to be located at LAB1O3 following the FD06 IMAK Unpack scheduled on Tim. Please check with him to determine if this kit was stowed in a different location. Note that this kit contains the SDBI Blood Collection items required on the middeck post24 undock.

* TVIS Cards – We are expecting that Romanenko’s and Thirsk’s TVIS PCMCIA cards (Return Items 402.5 and 402.6) should be ready to pack for return, since our understanding is that they have been using their new cards already. If they are concerned about the data on the old cards, please have them download the data to the Medical Equipment Computer (MEC) prior to packing for return.

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