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NASA STS-124 FD08 Execute Package

By SpaceRef Editor
June 7, 2008
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NASA STS-124 FD08 Execute Package

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Good morning Aki and Mark!

You guys have done great work so far, and we see you ahead of the plan on transfer time! Today is your BIG transfer day, so keep up the good work! Reading our Transfer tea leaves (FAO has a far less charitable phrase for our prediction technique), we see you are currently 86% complete on Resupply, 35% complete on Return, and 52% complete overall!

We thought it might be helpful to offer you some big-picture words for the Russian separator pumps: You brought up a new one in Bag A (transfer list item 15.1), you are going to return a pump in Bag A (transfer list item 700.4), and you are going to return an additional pump in Bag J (transfer list item 706.1). The pump returning in Bag A is the one that was removed on FD5 during the R&R. The pump that is going to return in Bag J is a pump that failed a while back. MCC-M has been working with Sergei and Oleg to pack the pumps for return (containment & bagging), but we do not think that has been completed. Once Sergei and Oleg have them packed up, you can transfer them to Bags A & J.

Mark, your choreography today now includes transferring the BMRRM Bag (transfer list item 705.3). This bag contains several food containers and a Pallet that must be removed prior to transfer. All of these items can be stowed loose in the location of the BMRRM Bag (use ISS bungees if needed). Only the empty bag is returning on 1J.

Reminder: the transfer brief will be held on the big loop today instead of A/G2.

SpaceRef staff editor.