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NASA STS-120 Execute Package FD 08

By SpaceRef Editor
November 1, 2007
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NASA STS-120 Execute Package FD 08

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The MMT met to review mission priorities, mission progress and orbiter status. The MMT concurred with the request to perform SARJ troubleshooting on EVA 4 in place of the TRAD DTO. In addition, the MMT agreed to insert an extra docked day between EVAs 4 & 5 if the content of EVA 4 exceeds 4.5 hours. As always, the on-console team will keep you updated as decisions are made and the details will be included in your Execute Package.

Overall, Discovery continues to perform well. The minor issues associated with EVA cameras and onboard networks were briefed, but the MMT is confident the team will work around these issues. The team is looking forward to tomorrow’s EVA and the reactivation of P6 in its permanent location.

SARJ Troubleshooting – The MMT had a lengthy discussion about the mission priorities. While the importance of the TRAD DTO was fully acknowledged, it was determined that the SARJ anomaly needed to be resolved promptly in order to fully support subsequent assembly missions. The TRAD DTO will be replanned for a subsequent shuttle flight. The MMT also concurred with the addition of the Port SARJ inspection to EVA 3.

The MMT received another informational brief on the SARJ, the findings from EVA 2, and the tasks being considered for EVA 4. The team will work the priority of these tasks overnight. The prioritized tasks will be reviewed and finalized at tomorrow morning’s IMMT. It is fully expected that these tasks will amount to a full EVA which will necessitate the additional docked day.

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