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NASA STS-119 Execute Package FD12

By SpaceRef Editor
March 26, 2009
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NASA STS-119 Execute Package FD12

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Pre-Landing Comm Checks

Pre-landing comm checks at White Sands (WSSH) and Dryden (DFR) will occur today (one day early) due to timeline constraints. During the WSSH comm check, MCC will call you on UHF only and your response will be triple simo. During the DFR comm checks, CAPCOM will make individual calls on A/G1 then A/G2 then UHF and lastly triple simo; your responses to all these calls should be triple simo.

The MILA comm check will happen on FD13 at the nominal L-1 time frame. MCC will route a payload bay camera to satisfy the video component of the DFR check. Video is not required at WSSH.

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