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NASA STS-119 Execute Package FD10

By SpaceRef Editor
March 24, 2009
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NASA STS-119 Execute Package FD10

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FD10 EVA Deltas

Great job on EVA 3! You’re almost ready to come home, but before you do, we have a few more tasks for you.

Post EVA EMU Reconfig and Transfer

Please use MSG 110 (18-1356). This procedure replaces POST EVA EMU RECONFIG AND TRANSFER (FS2-15 in FDF). The new procedure includes a verification section for transfer items that John will stow in the Airlock floor bag (reference Msg 100 from FD09 Execute Pack). We have divided the execution of the Post EVA Reconfig & Transfer procedure over two days. We have scheduled 1 hour on FD10, then you can finish the remainder the morning of FD11 (1.5 hours).

Grease Gun Cleanup

Please add the MATERIAL locations for the 15A GREASE GUN CLEANUP procedure (Page FS 8-18)


Dry towel (Crew pref or PMA1 0.5 CTB S/N 1196)

Ziplock bags (MF43H)

Airlock Restow

We are still working on the tool re-stow matrix, but if you have time, you can begin tidying up the airlock. Please start with returning the tethers to the tether staging area. If you come across any tools not in bags, please put them in the Done Tools mesh bag. Just let us know what items you put in there.

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