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NASA STS-119 Execute Package FD08

By SpaceRef Editor
March 23, 2009
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NASA STS-119 Execute Package FD08

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Swanny, Ricky and Joe, we have a lot of items in work to get you ready to go out the door for EVA3. Here is what we have so far. Msg. 080 (18-1330) has the Revised EVA3 Summary Timeline. The preliminary procedure will come later. The specifics related to the UCCAS task will be sent after the UCCAS NBL evaluation is complete. In addition, we have a list of tools that you can pre-gather for the UCCAS task:

  • Hammer A/L crewlock- Staging Bag, fish stringer#1, Hook #7
  • Cheater bar A/L crewlock- Staging Bag, fish stringer#1, Hook #6
  • Prybar A/L crewlock- Staging Bag, fish stringer#2, Hook #4
  • 2 Long duration tethers – Staging Bag, fish stringer#2, to strap
  • Russian Hammer (still working on permission to use this)

These items may need to be gathered while EVA:

  • Bolt puller Airlock Toolbox #1 zenith door
  • PRD Airlock Toolbox #1 in box behind zenith door
  • GP Cutters Airlock Toolbox #2 nadir door

With the use of the ratchet wrench on the ADP during EVA 2, you will need to inspect that tool for possible sharp edges during the EVA 3 tool config today. Please report your findings.

EMU Swap for EVA 3

Please use MSG 075 (18-1326). This procedure replaces the EMU SWAP FOR EVA 3 (FS 2-12 in FDF). Without EVA 4 in the plan, this procedure now includes configuring Swanny’s EMU (3017) for return, with the exception of LiOH and EMU Battery which will be covered in POST EVA EMU RECONFIG AND TRANSFER. Also, as a late change we will be leaving Swanny’s backup Comm Cap onboard for future use as Cassidy’s backup CCA during STS-127.

PSA EMU Battery Charging Deltas

EMU battery 2074 was not used during EVA 2 due to a lower than expected OCV. Before we charge this battery, we would like you to check the OCV one more time this morning because we want to verify that the OCV is constant over time. This information and the charge will hopefully enable us to declare this battery ‘GO’ for contingency use. Please perform the following steps prior to starting PSA-EMU CHRG-INIT:

1. Verify all four BCs OFF
2. Install EMU battery s/n 2074 in left EMU battery slot and close BSA door
3. On BC3, sw MAIN PWR → ON
4. Wait 20 seconds until display pixel test complete
5. sw MODE → STOP
6. Report EMU voltage (CH4) to MCC-H
8. Remove EMU battery s/n 2074 and close BSA door
9. Perform initiate steps of 1.625 EMU Battery Recharge from PSA Utility Outlet to recharge EMU batteries 2074 and 2075.

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