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NASA STS-119 Execute Package FD07

By SpaceRef Editor
March 21, 2009
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NASA STS-119 Execute Package FD07

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Good Morning Discovery!

ISS now looks like the artist renderings that we’ve been seeing for years. A day to celebrate!


John & Ricky,

You are definitely doing something right up there to be as efficient as you have been on transfer. The bag relay we noticed yesterday probably has something to do with that! You’ll have to give some transfer lessons when you get back. The transfer big picture from here to hatch closure is to continue with the rest of the available return items today, and have a break from transfer tomorrow. Then there will be more time scheduled on FD09 and the morning of FD11.

There’s one item coming to you from Yury today, and the rest of the time can be used to work on return. Your choreography below lists the items we expect are available for you to complete.

We have also uplinked your Return Location Sort today so you can use it as desired for validating your completed return locations.

SpaceRef staff editor.