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NASA STS-119 Execute Package FD06

By SpaceRef Editor
March 20, 2009
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NASA STS-119 Execute Package FD06

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FD05 MMT Summary

The FD05 MMT met briefly to review mission progress. The crew and Discovery continue to perform in an outstanding fashion.

Mission Duration: The team discussed the options that are available to modify the duration of the mission to better accommodate the return of the 15A Cold bag payload samples once they are transferred to the shuttle for their return to Earth. No decisions were made, but two options will be considered further. One option preserves the original landing date on FD14 while the other option lands one day earlier on FD13. In concert with these discussions, both the Shuttle and the Station Programs want to increase the ability to have STS-119 land at KSC to preserve downstream shuttle manifest options. Therefore, the team will assess consumable management strategies that preserve EOM+3 capability for whichever option is selected.

Damage Assessment Team Summary: Nine TPS items were investigated and all have been cleared for entry except for one protruding Ames gap filler, located on the underside surface of the left-inboard elevon. The team is rigorously working through this item and they expect to complete their analysis tomorrow. The following figures summarize the locations that were investigated by the Damage Assessment Team.

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