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NASA STS-117 FD13 Execute Package

By SpaceRef Editor
June 20, 2007
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NASA STS-117 FD13 Execute Package

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FD12 Final MMT Crew Summary 2

The MMT met to discuss the current mission status and to review the entry plan including a preliminary look at the weather forecasts. All orbiter systems continue to perform nominally and the teams are looking forward to FCS checkout and RCS hotfire tomorrow. Additionally, your tremendous work in continuing with space station assembly is greatly appreciated by both the Shuttle and ISS Programs. The flyaround gave all of us a great view of the ISS with its new set of solar arrays. Pending a nominal late inspection and good FCS checkout tomorrow, the MMT will be GO for deorbit and landing.

Entry Plan: Entry Flight Director/Norm Knight briefed the entry plan at today’s MMT. Thanks to your power conservation, we have EOM+3 and a 2-3-3-2 deorbit capability with 2 deorbit opportunities on EOM and EOM+3 and 3 opportunities on EOM+1 and EOM+2. The limiting consumable for deorbit opportunities will be supply water with at least 7 deorbit opportunities available over four days. The plan for EOM and possibly EOM+1 will be to target KSC only. There are only two opportunities to KSC on EOM on orbits 202 and 203. In the event of an EOM wave-off, EDW may be considered on EOM+1 pending the latest weather forecast with all three sites (KSC, EDW, NOR) activated on EOM+2.

Entry Landing Sites/Weather: All three landing sites are ready with nominal convoy support, landing aids, and navigation aids. Both the EDW and NOR lakebeds are green. There is a low pressure trough over Florida that may produce showers at KSC over all three days. As of today, the EOM forecast calls for a ceiling of 5,000 ft and thunderstorms within 30 at KSC, which is typical for this time of day in June. KSC looks slightly better on Friday and Saturday based on the preliminary models. EDW has clear skies for all three days with winds right down EDW-22. Obviously, we’ll have to watch the winds which are forecast to be within limits on both EOM and EOM+1 for both opportunities.

The MMT reviewed the impacts of the MDM OA2 card failure and associated APU plan. The specifics of this will be conveyed to you by your Entry Team on FD13. In addition, the plan for a possible reoccurrence of the pre-launch anomaly on MLS3 and the nominal GPS plan were reviewed by the MMT.

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