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NASA STS-117 FD12 Execute Package

By SpaceRef Editor
June 19, 2007
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NASA STS-117 FD12 Execute Package

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FD11 MMT Crew Summary 2

The MMT met briefly to discuss mission progress, the A6U annunciator panel, and status of the ISS attitude control capability. The team is go for undocking tomorrow!

Panel A6 Annunciator Interference:

The team has concluded that the high pitched noise from the panel is the result of vibration within the ACA 4 & 5 oscillator cards. This is a mechanical phenomenon that is electrically induced and is not a constraint to nominal operation of the ACA. This has been noted on a previous flight and in SAIL. We expect that you will have the ACA powered on for undock/flyaround and adjustment of the lighting intensity may provide a workaround to minimize the noise.

ISS Attitude Control Capability:

ISS performed a successful SARJ Checkout, MT Translation, and handover to Russian attitude control this morning. As a result, both the ISS and Shuttle teams have complete confidence in the RS Central computer’s ability to maintain attitude control for undocking. The teams are still trying to determine the root cause, but clearly the bypassed circuit protection is the likely culprit.

Cryo margins:

A total of 116 lbs of O2 was transferred to the ISS, which nicely topped off their O2 tanks. Based on your power conservation efforts, even with the O2 transfer, we have EOM+3 capability!

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