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NASA STS-117 FD10 Execute Package

By SpaceRef Editor
June 18, 2007
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NASA STS-117 FD10 Execute Package

FD9 MMT Crew summary

The MMT met today to discuss mission progress, the Port OMS blanket repair, and receive a status on ISS attitude control anomalies. The team also expressed their appreciation for the exceptional blanket repair and the success in retracting the P6 array.

Port OMS Blanket Repair:

The repaired blanket looks great and as a result the MMT has cleared your TPS for entry. The team unanimously concluded, based on excellent EVA helmet camera video of the repaired configuration, that the repaired blanket is completely bounded by the blanket pull tests, Arc Jet and Wind Tunnel testing, all of which were used to develop the repair procedures. The team was very impressed with the repair and thanks Danny for a job well done!

ISS Attitude Control Anomaly:

The MMT was provided a status on the capability of Russian Central Computers as well as the troubleshooting that resulted in a successful restart and operation of this computer system. While the team is still working to determine the root cause of the problem, the initial thought is that a leg of circuit protection in line with the Russian Central Computers may be the culprit as evidenced by the computers working after this circuit was bypassed. Stability of the computer system continues to be assessed by the team and a confidence check is being planned to verify attitude control capability.

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