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NASA STS-116 FD-5 Execute Package

By SpaceRef Editor
December 14, 2006
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NASA STS-116 FD-5 Execute Package

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Good morning Joanie, Nick, and STS-116 & Increment 14 crews! Great job yesterday! It was nice to talk with you during last night’s calldown. We really appreciate your efforts to get ahead of the curve. You never know, one of these days you may find a reward for the hard work!

Today is your first of two big transfer days. You’ll transfer two full CWCs from the Middeck to ISS and transfer the SAFER in support of SAFER C/O. In addition, you’ll transfer the TVIS Gyro to ISS to support tomorrow’s Gyro R&R (because you have no transfer time scheduled prior to that activity tomorrow).

You should also start to configure the Spacehab module for return by transferring hardware to/from the SH 5 MLE bags.

SpaceRef staff editor.