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NASA STS-116 FD-4 Execute Package

By SpaceRef Editor
December 13, 2006
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NASA STS-116 FD-4 Execute Package

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Good morning Joanie, Nick, and STS-116 & Increment 14 crews!

Welcome to another day of transfer ops! We were fortunate enough yesterday to see you on downlink video already transferring items…you’re looking good up there! We apologize for all the transfer list change pages today. You’ll see new items and several changes to return locations due to Spacehab optimizing their return weight and c.g. This was done to accommodate potential return items when identified.

Today you’ll fill 2 PWRs in the Middeck, which will require you to retrieve them from Spacehab prior to the activity in the afternoon. You’ll also need to pull 2 CWCs out of Spacehab to support the FD05 fills (because you have no transfer time scheduled prior to the first CWC fill tomorrow).

SpaceRef staff editor.