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NASA [Stmd] Release of the NASA Space Technology “Announcement for Partnership Proposals (AFPP) to Advance Tipping Point Technologies, 80HQTR22SOA02

By SpaceRef Editor
February 15, 2022
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With this AFPP, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) continues to embrace partnerships to achieve its strategic goals for expanding capabilities and opportunities in space. A key aspect of NASA’s strategy is to stimulate the commercial space industry while leveraging those same commercial capabilities through partnerships to deliver technologies and capabilities needed for future NASA, other government agency, and commercial missions. With this AFPP, NASA is seeking commercial space technologies that are at a “tipping point” in their development cycle.


For the purpose of this AFPP, a space technology is at a Tipping Point if:


·         The proposed technology system is at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of approximately 4 or higher at time of submission of the Mini Proposal, and

·         An investment in a ground demonstration or flight demonstration will result in:

o   a significant advancement of the technology’s maturation to at least TRL of 6, and

o   a significant improvement in the Lead Entity’s ability to successfully bring the technology to market, and,

·         The partner has a robust plan for commercialization


A Lead Entity is defined as the proposing organization that submitted the proposal via NSPIRES and to which the Funded Space Act Agreement (FSAA) will be awarded.


This release is soliciting tipping point technologies from the following topics (see section 1.3 of the AFPP for full details):


Topic 1: Cislunar/Lunar Surface Infrastructure & Capabilities 

Topic 2: In-Space Infrastructure & Capabilities


Eligibility: U.S. For-Profit Entity. See section 3.0 of the AFPP for full list of eligibility requirements/restrictions.


This AFPP will utilize a two-step proposal and peer/technical review evaluation process, where Step 1 is a Mini Proposal (MP) submitted via NSPIRES. Those offerors submitting the most highly rated MPs will be invited to submit a final proposal. All proposals must be submitted electronically through NSPIRES by an authorized organizational representative (AOR).


Key Dates:


AFPP Release Date: 


Virtual Industry Forum:


Mini Proposal Questions Due:


Mini Proposal Due

3/31/2022 (5 p.m. ET)

Notification Letter:

5/31/2022 (target)

Final Proposal Questions Due:


Final Proposal Due:

7/28/2022 (target) (5 p.m. ET)

Selection Announcement: 

11/30/2022 (target)

Project Start Date:

1/3/2023 (target)


The complete solicitation may be found online at the NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES):{9987D88F-0A12-5203-FC25-423773FAF134}&path=&method=init


Questions and comments about this solicitation should be submitted via email to:



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