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NASA ST5 Launch Aborted

By SpaceRef Editor
March 15, 2006
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NASA ST5 Launch Aborted

Today’s attempt to launch ST5 has been scrubbed due to the fact the pins associated with the steering controls could not be retracted. There will be at least a 48-hour delay while the launch team assesses the situation.

ST5 Mission

NASA’s Space Technology 5 (ST5) Project is building and testing three smaller satellites called micro-satellites. These micro-sats will test and validate new technologies for future science missions. The hope is that ST5 will demonstrate the benefits of a group of small low-cost spacecraft taking measurements at the same time in different locations. Building and testing of all three micro-sats is currently underway and scheduled for launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB) on March 11, 2006. ST5 is scheduled to operate in space for at least 90 days.

ST5’s objective is to demonstrate and flight qualify several innovative technologies and concepts for application to future space missions.

The ST5 Project is a part of NASA’s New Millennium Program, which was created to identify, develop, build, and test innovative technologies and concepts for use in future missions. Its missions are guided by future needs of NASA’s Earth and Space Science program.

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