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NASA Special Notice: Emerging Propulsion Technology Concepts for High Payoff Development

By SpaceRef Editor
July 29, 2004
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General Information

Document Type: Special Notice

Solicitation Number: NASA-SNOTE-040726-004

Posted Date: Jul 26, 2004

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Original Archive Date: Jul 26, 2005

Current Archive Date: Jul 26, 2005

Classification Code: A — Research & Development

Contracting Office Address

NASA/George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, Procurement Office, Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812


NASA RFI: Emerging propulsion technology (EPT) concepts for high payoff development.     NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center, MS TD05 MSFC, AL 35812. Description: NASA/MSFC is hereby requesting information for the design, development and ground testing of supportive, innovative, or progressive in-space propulsion concepts at the mid-term development level. Excluding ascent/descent applications, proposed concepts must be primary, in-space propulsion and within the 50 kW power range. Unique, innovative and novel propulsion ideas are sought that have TRL greater than 2 and reasonable expectations for progress to produce bench top hardware within 2 – 4 years. Submissions must provide a detailed technical explanation of the proposed technology and a self-assessment of the TRL, with most of the write-up effort placed upon the technical explanation. Distinctive variations of existing propulsion methods or chief subsystem component improvements are also suitable for submission. Responders should briefly summarize past research on related concepts and clearly state how this new concept offers significant improvements over past efforts. Identification of the fundamental technology issues to be addressed is crucial. Submissions will aid in future NRA preparation and should not be considered proprietary. The NRA will focus on technologies most likely to support robotic science and exploration missions and that can demonstrate a significant architectural advantage as an in-space transportation system element. THIS IS **NOT** A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL OR NOTICE OF SOLICITATION. We would like to receive this information no later than September 3, 2004.    

Interested parties should submit information not to exceed three pages (10 point type with appropriate margins/formatting). In the header please include the submitting POC, submitting institution, and RFI reference number. Information on all emerging propulsion technologies should be sent, via email, to: Cynthia B. Hollingsworth

Original Point of Contact
Betty C. Kilpatrick, Contract Specialist, Phone (256) 544-0310, Fax (256) 544-6062, Email – Cynthia B. Hollingsworth, Contracting Officer, Phone (256) 544-1656, Fax (256) 544-6062, Email

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