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NASA Spaceline Current Awareness 17 June 2011 (Recent Space Life Science Research Results)

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June 17, 2011
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NASA Spaceline Current Awareness 17 June 2011 (Recent Space Life Science Research Results)

Papers deriving from NASA support:

Smith SM, Zwart SR, Ploutz-Snyder RJ, Locke JP.
Response to vitamin D intake: From the Antarctic to the Institute of Medicine.
J Nutr. 2011 May;141(5):985-6.
(PI: S.M. Smith)
NOTE: Letter to the Editor.

Hester RL, Brown AJ, Husband L, Iliescu R, Pruett D, Summers R, Coleman TG.
HumMod: A modeling environment for the simulation of integrative human physiology.
Front Physiol. 2011;2:12. Epub 2011 Apr 13.
NOTE: This article may be obtained online without charge.

Davis HE, Case EM, Miller SL, Genetos DC, Leach JK.
Osteogenic response to BMP-2 of hMSCs grown on apatite-coated scaffolds.
Biotechnol Bioeng. 2011 Jun 8. [Epub ahead of print]
(PI: H.E. Davis, NASA Harriet G. Jenkins Predoctoral Fellowship)

Elmore E, Lao XY, Kapadia RL, Redpath JL.
Effect of dose-rate on induction of neoplastic transformation in vitro by low doses of 232 MeV protons.
Int J Radiat Biol. 2011 Jun;87(6):622-7.
(PI: J.L. Redpath)

Other papers of interest:

Bruemmer V, Schneider S, Vogt T, Strueder H, Carnahan H, Askew CD, Csuhaj R.
Coherence between brain cortical function and neurocognitive performance during changed gravity conditions.
J Vis Exp. 2011 May 23;(51). pii: 2670.
NOTE: Parabolic flight results. This article and accompanying video may be obtained online without charge:

Humm AM, Bostock H, Troller R, Z’Graggen WJ.
Muscle ischaemia in patients with orthostatic hypotension assessed by velocity recovery cycles.
J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2011 Jun 7. [Epub ahead of print]

Lynch ME, Main RP, Xu Q, Schmicker TL, Schaffler MB, Wright TM, van der Meulen MC.
Tibial compression is anabolic in the adult mouse skeleton despite reduced responsiveness with aging.
Bone. 2011 May 27. [Epub ahead of print]

Xing Y, Gu Y, Xu LC, Siedlecki CA, Donahue HJ, You J.
Effects of membrane cholesterol depletion and GPI-anchored protein reduction on osteoblastic mechanotransduction.
J Cell Physiol. 2011 Sep;226(9):2350-9.

Lee JW, Iwahashi A, Hasegawa SI, Yonezawa T, Jeon WB, Cha BY, Nagai K, Woo JT.
Coptisine inhibits RANKL-induced NF-B phosphorylation in osteoclast precursors and suppresses function through the regulation of RANKL and OPG gene expression in osteoblastic cells.
J Nat Med. 2011 Jun 9. [Epub ahead of print]

Knothe Tate ML, Dolejs S, McBride SH, Matthew Miller R, Knothe UR.
Multiscale mechanobiology of de novo bone generation, remodeling and adaptation of autograft in a common ovine femur model.
J Mech Behav Biomed Mater. 2011 Aug;4(6):829-40. Epub 2011 Mar 16.
NOTE: There are ten articles in this issue on the topic of Bone Remodeling.

Baker-LePain JC, Nakamura MC, Lane NE.
Effects of inflammation on bone: An update.
Curr Opin Rheumatol. 2011 Jul;23(4):389-95.

Lomonosova YN, Kalamkarov GR, Bugrova AE, Shevchenko TF, Kartashkina NL, Lysenko EA, Shvets VI, Nemirovskaya TL.
Protective effect of L-arginine administration on proteins of unloaded m. soleus.
Biochemistry (Mosc). 2011 May;76(5):571-80.
NOTE: This paper is a translation in English of the Russian original published in Biokhimiya 2011;76(5):701-12.

Ota N, Soga S, Haramizu S, Yokoi Y, Hase T, Murase T.
Tea catechins prevent contractile dysfunction in unloaded murine soleus muscle: A pilot study.
Nutrition. 2011 Jun 8. [Epub ahead of print]

Konopka AR, Trappe TA, Jemiolo B, Trappe SW, Harber MP.
Myosin heavy chain plasticity in aging skeletal muscle with aerobic exercise training.
J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2011 Jun 9. [Epub ahead of print]

Morley JE, Abbatecola AM, Argiles JM, Baracos V, Bauer J, Bhasin S, Cederholm T, Stewart Coats AJ, Cummings SR, Evans WJ, Fearon K, Ferrucci L, Fielding RA, Guralnik JM, Harris TB, Inui A, Kalantar-Zadeh K, Kirwan BA, Mantovani G, Muscaritoli M, Newman AB, Rossi-Fanelli F, Rosano GM, Roubenoff R, Schambelan M, Sokol GH, Storer TW, Vellas B, von Haehling S, Yeh SS, Anker SD; the Society on Sarcopenia, Cachexia and Wasting Disorders Trialist Workshop.
Sarcopenia with limited mobility: An international consensus.
J Am Med Dir Assoc. 2011 Jun 6. [Epub ahead of print]

Yan H, Li L, Hu C, Chen H, Hao H.
Astronaut mass measurement using linear acceleration method and the effect of body non-rigidity.
Sci China Phys Mech Astron. 2011 Apr;54(4):777-82.
NOTE: The authors discuss the ISS mass measurement device as part of their analysis. This article may be obtained online without charge.

Capriotti AL, Caruso G, Cavaliere C, Foglia P, Bizzarri M, Lagana A.
Rapid resolution liquid chromatography/high resolution tandem mass spectrometry to characterize metabolic changes in subjects involved in MARS500 project.
Chromatographia. 2011 Jun;73(Suppl. 1):S45-53.
NOTE: The analyses were done on subjects from the Mars105 project, part of the wider Mars500 project. The changes observed involved nucleic acid biosynthesis and urea and lipid catabolism.

Yang H, Zhao X, Xu Y, Wang L, He Q, Lundberg YW.
Matrix recruitment and calcium sequestration for spatial specific otoconia development.
PLoS One. 2011;6(5):e20498. Epub 2011 May 31.
NOTE: This article may be obtained online without charge.

d’Avella A, Cesqui B, Portone A, Lacquaniti F.
A new ball launching system with controlled flight parameters for catching experiments.
J Neurosci Methods. 2011 Mar 30;196(2):264-75. Epub 2011 Jan 21.

Van Barneveld DC, Van Grootel TJ, Alberts B, Van Opstal AJ.
The effect of head roll on perceived auditory zenith.
Exp Brain Res. 2011 Jun 4. [Epub ahead of print]
NOTE: This article may be obtained online without charge.

Inaka K, Takahashi S, Aritake K, Tsurumura T, Furubayashi N, Yan B, Hirota E, Sano S, Sato M, Kobayashi T, Yoshimura Y, Tanaka H, Urade Y.
High-quality protein crystal growth of mouse lipocalin-type prostaglandin D synthase in microgravity.
Cryst Growth Des. 2011 Jun 1;11(6):2107-11. Epub 2011 Apr 5.
NOTE: ISS results. This article may be obtained online without charge via PubMed Central.

Qi F, Kaleem I, Lv B, Guo X, Li C.
Enhancement of recombinant -D-glucuronidase production under low-shear modeled microgravity in Pichia pastoris.
J Chem Technol Biotechnol. 2011 Apr;86(4):505-11.

Terasaki N, Zhang H, Yamada H, Xu CN.
Mechanoluminescent light source for a fluorescent probe molecule.
Chem Commun (Camb). 2011 Jun 10. [Epub ahead of print]

Lottem E, Azouz R.
A unifying framework underlying mechanotransduction in the somatosensory system.
J Neurosci. 2011 Jun 8;31(23):8520-32.

Dupont S, Morsut L, Aragona M, Enzo E, Giulitti S, Cordenonsi M, Zanconato F, Le Digabel J, Forcato M, Bicciato S, Elvassore N, Piccolo S.
Role of YAP/TAZ in mechanotransduction.
Nature. 2011 Jun 8;474(7350):179-83.

Coupe M, Yuan M, Zhong C, Li YZ, Gauquelin-Koch G, Bai YQ, Aubry P, Chen SG, Custaud MA, Li YH.
Hemodynamic responses to respiratory and stress tests before and after “Shenzhou” 7 spaceflight.
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2010 Oct;23(5):313-8.
NOTE: Shenzhou 7 results. Titles, authors, and references for the individual papers from this journal are available in English at the links given here. English abstracts may or may not be available. Journal site:

Feng JS, Bai YQ, Li YZ, Wang LJ, Li CL, Cao YJ, Wang H, Yang CM.
[Changes of EGG and gastrointestinal hormones after -6* head-down bed rest]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2010 Oct;23(5):356-8. Chinese
NOTE: Bed rest study.

Wang HX, Yan GD, Geng XC, Li BH, Jin Z, Zhang LH, Wei XY, Xu Y, Li YF, Deng L.
[Development of a training apparatus for pilot anti-G straining maneuver]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2010 Oct;23(5):359-63. Chinese

He WW, Jia HP, Liang HZ, Wei XD, Zhang L, Zhou HY.
[Effects of simulated weightlessness on adult’s right heart function assessed with Tei index]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2010 Oct;23(5):364-6. Chinese
NOTE: Bed rest study.

Yang CB, Zhang Y, Gao Y, Wu YH, Wang YC, Yao YJ, Sun XQ.
[Effects of artificial gravity combined with ergometric exercise on cardiovascular function during 4 d head-down bed rest]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2010 Oct;23(5):377-9. Chinese
NOTE: Bed rest study.

Yu ZB.
[Countermeasures and effectiveness to effects of weightlessness on astronauts in spaceflight]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2010 Oct;23(5):380-5. Chinese

Zheng S, Wang C, Li C, Deng YL, Jiang Y, Li Y.
[Research progresses and strategies of space bioreactor]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2010 Oct;23(5):386-90. Chinese

Vandeput S, Liu JX, Li YZ, Chen SG, Xie Q, Chen ZH, Gai YQ, Gao JY, Van Huffel S, Aubert AE.
Cardiovascular control mechanism during head-down bed rest using nonlinear techniques.
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2010 Dec;23(6):391-6.
NOTE: Bed rest study.

Xu YB, Liu YQ, Zhu XQ.
[Hand operating force modeling in astronaut virtual training]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2010 Dec;23(6):402-5. Chinese

Shi ZM, Liang ZG, Yuan M, Li L, Li WB, Kuang H, Zhang L, Zhang AM, Sun JX, Yan H.
[Adaptability and conformance of application software for ground comprehensive monitor system in EVA spacesuit]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2010 Dec;23(6):406-11. Chinese

Lu LJ, Liu W, Qiu HW, Lu ZG, Feng XM.
[Development of life support umbilical cord used for underwater training spacesuit]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2010 Dec;23(6):412-5. Chinese

Zheng HX, Tian WM, Yue L, Wei LJ, Li Y.
[Effects of simulated weightlessness on spindle apparatus structure and cell cycle of NIH3T3 fibroblasts]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2010 Dec;23(6):416-8. Chinese

Xu Y, Li BH, Zhang LH, Geng XC, Yan GD, Jin Z, Wang H, Deng L, Wang HX, Ma YX, Wei XY.
[Research on simulation of push-pull effect with high performance human centrifuge]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2010 Dec;23(6):425-30. Chinese

Lv YY, Shi DQ, Jiang Q.
[Research progress of effects of simulated weightlessness and reloading on weight-bearing bone of rat]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2010 Dec;23(6):459-63. Chinese

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