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NASA Spaceline Current Awareness 17 July 2009

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September 6, 2009
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  1. Phillips KP, Popovic ZB, Lim P, Meulet JE, Barrett CD, Di Biase L, Agler D, Thomas JD, Grimm RA. Opposing wall mechanics are significantly influenced by longitudinal cardiac rotation in the assessment of ventricular dyssynchrony. JACC Cardiovasc Imaging. 2009 Apr;2(4):379-86. (PI: J.D. Thomas)

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Other papers of interest:

  1. Christiansen BA, Kotiya AA, Silva MJ. Constrained tibial vibration does not produce an anabolic bone response in adult mice. Bone. 2009 Jun 30. [Epub ahead of print]

  2. Naderi J, Bernreuther C, Grabinski N, Putman CT, Henkel B, Bell G, Glatzel M, Sultan KR. Plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 up-regulation is associated with skeletal muscle atrophy and associated fibrosis. Am J Pathol. 2009 Jul 2. [Epub ahead of print] Note: STS-58 (SLS-2, tissue-sharing program) results.

  3. Frey JW, Farley EE, O’Neil TK, Burkholder TJ, Hornberger TA. Evidence that mechanosensors with distinct biomechanical properties allow for specificity in mechanotransduction. Biophys J. 2009 Jul 8;97(1):347-56. Note: From abstract: “Based on these results, we propose that skeletal myoblasts contain multiple mechanosensory elements with distinct biomechanical properties and that these distinct biomechanical properties provide a mechanism for specificity in mechanotransduction.”

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  22. Leys N, Baatout S, Rosier C, Dams A, s’Heeren C, Wattiez R, Mergeay M. The response of Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34 to spaceflight in the International Space Station. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek. 2009 Jul 2. [Epub ahead of print] Note: ISS results.

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  24. Desikan P. Microbes, the moon, and H1N1. Indian J Med Microbiol. 2009 Jul-Sep;27(3):182-4. Note: The author draws parallels between evolutionary aspects of space exploration and the evolution of viruses, specifically the H1N1 virus. This article may be obtained online without charge.

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