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NASA Spaceline 13 May 2005 Current Awareness

By SpaceRef Editor
May 13, 2005
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PubMed’s abstract is linked when available and each will open in a new window.

  1. Onyia JE, Helvering LM, Gelbert L, Wei T, Huang S, Chen P, Dow ER, Maran A, Zhang M, Lotinun S, Lin X, Halladay DL, Miles RR, Kulkarni NH, Ambrose EM, Ma YL, Frolik CA, Sato M, Bryant HU, Turner RT.
    Molecular profile of catabolic versus anabolic treatment regimens of parathyroid hormone (PTH) in rat bone: An analysis by DNA microarray.
    J Cell Biochem. 2005 May 15;95(2):403-18.
    (PI: R.T. Turner)
  2. Judex S, Zhong N, Squire ME, Ye K, Donahue LR, Hadjiargyrou M, Rubin CT.
    Mechanical modulation of molecular signals which regulate anabolic and catabolic activity in bone tissue.
    J Cell Biochem. 2005 Apr 1;94(5):982-94.
    (PIs: C.T. Rubin and M. Hadjiargyrou)
  3. Monahan KD, Ray CA.
    Cyclooxygenase inhibition and baroreflex sensitivity in humans.
    Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2005 Feb;288(2):H737-43. Epub 2004 Oct 14.
    (PI: C.A. Ray)
  4. Kurtzer I, Dizio PA, Lackner JR.
    Adaptation to a novel multi-force environment.
    Exp Brain Res. 2005 Apr 16; [Epub ahead of print]
    (PI: J.R. Lackner)
  5. Shimozaki SS, Eckstein MP, Abbey CK.
    Spatial profiles of local and nonlocal effects upon contrast detection/discrimination from classification images.
    J Vis. 2005 Jan 28;5(1):45-57.
    (PI: M.P. Eckstein)
    Note (#5)
    This article is available online at the publisher’s site, which is accessible via the PubMed link. Those new to Current Awareness lists might want to look at the novel way this journal displays its Table of Contents, e.g.: Volume 5

  6. Shimada A, Shima A, Nojima K, Seino Y, Setlow RB.
    Germ cell mutagenesis in Medaka fish after exposures to high-energy cosmic ray nuclei: A human model.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Apr 26;102(17):6063-7. Epub 2005 Apr 13.
    (PI: R.B. Setlow)
  7. Rydberg B, Cooper B, Cooper PK, Holley WR, Chatterjee A.
    Dose-dependent misrejoining of radiation-induced DNA double-strand breaks in human fibroblasts: experimental and theoretical study for high- and low-LET radiation.
    Radiat Res. 2005 May;163(5):526-34.
    (PI: A. Chatterjee, NSCORT in Radiation Health)
  8. Wright KP Jr, Gronfier C, Duffy JF, Czeisler CA.
    Intrinsic period and light intensity determine the phase relationship between melatonin and sleep in humans.
    J Biol Rhythms. 2005 Apr;20(2):168-77.
    (PI: C.A. Czeisler)
  9. Melyan Z, Tarttelin EE, Bellingham J, Lucas RJ, Hankins MW.
    Addition of human melanopsin renders mammalian cells photoresponsive.
    Nature. 2005 Feb 17;433(7027):741-5. Epub 2005 Jan 26.
    (PI: R.G. Foster)
    Note (#9)
    R.G. Foster commented in Nature (PubMed 15716938) on the above paper and other recent papers on this topic. The papers provide “strong evidence” that melanopsin is the pigment that allows light-sensitive neurons in the eye to adjust the body clock to day and night.

Other papers of interest:

  1. Oshima M, Oshima H, Taketo MM.
    Hypergravity induces expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in the heart vessels.
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005 May 13;330(3):928-33.
  2. Leeuwenburgh C, Gurley CM, Strotman BA, Dupont-Versteegden EE.
    Age-related differences in apoptosis with disuse atrophy in soleus muscle.
    Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2005 May;288(5):R1288-96. Epub 2005 Jan 13.
  3. Caruso J, Hamill J, Yamauchi M, Mercado D, Cook T, Higginson B, O’Meara S, Elias J, Siconolfi S.
    Albuterol aids resistance exercise in reducing unloading-induced ankle extensor strength losses.
    J Appl Physiol. 2005 May;98(5):1705-11. Epub 2005 Jan 7.
  4. Tidball JG.
    Mechanical signal transduction in skeletal muscle growth and adaptation.
    J Appl Physiol. 2005 May;98(5):1900-8.
    Note D
    This article and the one below (both by former PIs) are included in the Highlighted Topics section “Biomechanics and Mechanotransduction in Cells and Tissues.” This is the Highlighted Topic in the April, May, and June issues of this journal.

  5. Yap B, Kamm RD.
    Mechanical deformation of neutrophils into narrow channels induces pseudopod projection and changes in biomechanical properties.
    J Appl Physiol. 2005 May;98(5):1930-9. Epub 2005 Jan 7.
  6. Petersen AM, Pedersen BK.
    The anti-inflammatory effect of exercise.
    J Appl Physiol. 2005 Apr;98(4):1154-62.
    Note F
    Discusses concept of a myokine, defined as a “cytokine that is produced and released by contracting skeletal muscle fibers, exerting its effects in other organs of the body.”

  7. Martin A, de Vittoris R, David V, Moraes R, Begeot M, Lafage-Proust MH, Alexandre C, Vico L, Thomas T.
    Leptin modulates both resorption and formation while preventing disuse-induced bone loss in tail-suspended female rats.
    Endocrinology. 2005 Apr 21; [Epub ahead of print]
  8. Jaffee MS.
    The neurology of aviation, underwater, and space environments.
    Neurol Clin. 2005 May;23(2):541-52.
  9. Akopova AB, Manaseryan MM, Melkonyan AA, Tatikyan SSh, Potapov Y.
    Radiation measurement on the International Space Station.
    Radiat Meas. 2005 Feb;39(2):225-8.
    Note I
    ISS and Mir results.

  10. Tsuruoka C, Suzuki M, Kanai T, Fujitaka K.
    LET and ion species dependence for cell killing in normal human skin fibroblasts.
    Radiat Res. 2005 May;163(5):494-500.
  11. Nath R, Bongiorni P, Chen Z, Gragnano J, Rockwell S.
    Relative biological effectiveness of (103)Pd and (125)I photons for continuous low-dose-rate irradiation of Chinese hamster cells.
    Radiat Res. 2005 May;163(5):501-9.
  12. Yokota Y, Shikazono N, Tanaka A, Hase Y, Funayama T, Wada S, Inoue M.
    Comparative radiation tolerance based on the induction of DNA double-strand breaks in tobacco BY-2 cells and CHO-K1 cells irradiated with gamma rays.
    Radiat Res. 2005 May;163(5):520-5.
  13. Durante M.
    Radiation protection in deep space.
    Z Med Phys. 2005;15(1):1-2.

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