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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 5 Oct 2003

By SpaceRef Editor
October 5, 2003
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All ISS systems continue to function nominally, except as noted previously or below. Sunday, second weekend rest day for the crew. Ahead: Week 23 of Expedition 7.

CDR Yuri Malenchenko collected the weekly counter readings of the Service Module (SM)’s toilet flush system (with inspection of the SP urine collection and pretreat assembly) and SVO water supply status, both for calldown to TsUP/Moscow.

Malenchenko also conducted the periodic inspection of the Elektron oxygen generator’s VM gas/liquid system for obstructing air bubbles.

FE/SO Ed Lu prepared the daily IMS delta file for automatic export/import to update the database, while Malenchenko attended to the daily routine maintenance of the SM SOZh life support system (including ASU toilet facilities).

Conducting another session of the Russian Uragan earth imaging program from the task list, the CDR focused the Nikon D1 digital camera with 400-mm lens on targets of nature and industry environment conditions of his choice.?? MCC-M recommended for him to open the external cover of SM window #9, while observing safety rules.?? [Window #9 should always be closed with inside cover, to be removed just for observation.]

Also on Yuri’s task list for today was the deactivation, after 8am EDT, of the Molniya-SM/LSO experiment at SM window #3, which had been running since 10/1, and the preparation for its teardown tomorrow.

Both crewmembers worked out with their daily 2.5-h program of physical exercise, on TVIS treadmill, RED expander, and VELO cycle with load trainer.

The crew had their regular weekly PFCs (private family conferences), via S-band/audio.

There are no CEO (crew earth observations) targets from 10/2 thru 10/6, while ESTER operates.

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