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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 3 October 2004

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October 3, 2004
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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 3 October 2004

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All ISS systems continue to function nominally, except those noted previously or below.   Sunday, and crew off duty for the day.  Ahead: Week 23 of Increment 9.  Day 167 in space for Expedition 9; also Day 1401 of permanent human station residency, and Day 2145 since first ISS launch (FGB/Zarya)

CDR Gennady Padalka continued the current experiment run with the Russian TEKh-20 Plasma Crystal-3 (PK-3) experiment, deferred from yesterday.   [Immediately after wake-up, he started the work chamber (ZB) depressurization with the evacuation turbopump, tagging up with ground specialists to report on and discuss progress.  He then prepared a floppy disk with the experiment program software (S/W), uploaded the S/W into the associated payload laptop, and performed testing and calibration of the test hardware.  Afterwards, the work chamber hardware and PC were deactivated, and the turbopump turned off.  The crystallization experiment is performed on plasma, i.e., fine particles, charged and excited by RF/radio frequency power, inside the evacuated work chamber.  The actual TEKh-20 experiment run, in automated mode, is scheduled for tomorrow (10/4).]

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At 10:45am EDT, FE/SO Mike Fincke held his weekly private family conference (PFC) via S-band/audio and Ku-band/NetMeeting video.

Padalka conducted the routine inspection of the SM’s environment control & life support system (SOZh), with the weekly data collection of toilet flush counter readings, inspection of the SP urine collection and pretreat assembly, and SVO water supply status counter readings, all for calldown to TsUP/Moscow.

The crew performed their regular daily physical exercise on the TVIS treadmill and RED resistive exerciser.

Working off the Russian task list, Gennady also conducted the periodic inspection of the BIO-5 Rasteniya-2 (“Plants-2”) experiment which researches growth and development of plants under spaceflight conditions in the Lada-5 greenhouse.

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A second task-listed job for Gennady was another run of the Uragan earth-imaging program, using the Kodak 760 DSC (digital still camera) with 800mm-lens.  [Today’s task featured imagery of a mountain chain in Iran, potential sand storms over the Aral Sea, the city of Istanbul with the Bosporus, and the Russian Black Seacoast from Anapa to Gelendzhik.]

Ground response to Mike Fincke’s last “Saturday Science” program (featuring EPO {Educational Program Operations} demonstrations of Puzzles, the Blues Harp, and Water Droplets): “Yesterday’s final installment of the Expedition 9 Saturday Science series was terrific, both from a content and from a cinematic standpoint.  Nicely done — you’ve earned an EPO Emmy!”

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Did you know that…

…taken together, the seven U.S. CBMs (common berthing modules), each with 16 bolts torqued to 85 kiloNewtons (kN), impart more than five times the force required to suspend an earth-stationary ISS at the current state of assembly?

CEO images can be viewed at these websites:

See also the website “Space Station Challenge” at:

To view the latest photos taken by the expedition 9 crew visit:

Soyuz 9S (Expedition 10 + 1) flight plan (Leroy Chiao, Salizhan Sharipov, Yuri Shargin):

  • Launch — 10/13, 11:06pm EDT;
  • Dock 10/16; 00:24am.

8S (Expedition 9 + 1) flight plan (Gennady Padalka, Michael Fincke, Yuri Shargin):

  •  Undocking from FGB — 10/23, 5:05pm EDT;
  •  Landing — 10/23, 8:32pm EDT.

Other upcoming events:

  • Soyuz 9S relocate to FGB nadir port — 11/18;
  • EVA-12 — 12/28;
  • EVA-13 — 2/21/05;
  • Shuttle/LF1 launch — NET 3/6/05;
  • Shuttle/LF1 undock — NET 3/16/05.

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For more on ISS orbit and worldwide ISS naked-eye visibility dates/times, see In addition, information on International Space Station sighting opportunities can be found at on NASA’s Human Spaceflight website. The current location of the International Space Station can be found at at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Additional satellite tracking resources can be found at

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