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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 23 January 2005

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January 23, 2005
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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 23 January 2005

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All ISS systems continue to function nominally, except those noted previously or below. Sunday — second crew off day. Day 102 of Expedition 10.

FE Sharipov did the routine maintenance of the SM’s SOZh environment control & life support system, including ASU toilet facilities and the weekly routine tasks of collecting SP toilet flush counter and SVO water supply readings in the SM for calldown to TsUP/Moscow. The maintenance today also included the weekly inspection of the BRPK air/liquid condensate separator apparatus.

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The crew performed their daily 2.5-hr. physical exercise program on TVIS treadmill, RED exerciser and VELO cycle with bungee cord load trainer. Salizhan’s daily protocol currently prescribes a four-day microcycle exercise with 1.5 hr on the TVIS (today: Day 1 of a new set) and one hour on VELO.

CDR/SO Chiao then transferred the daily TVIS and RED exercise data files to the MEC (medical equipment computer) for downlink, as well as the daily wristband HRM (heart rate monitor) data, followed by their erasure on the HRM storage medium.

Working off the voluntary Russian task list, Salizhan performed the regular daily inspection of the BIO-5 Rasteniya-2 (“Plants-2”) experiment, which researches growth and development of plants under spaceflight conditions in the Lada-5 greenhouse.

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In the US Airlock, Leroy terminated the recharging of the four EVA helmet light batteries (#1009, #1016, #1019, #1020) in the BSA (Battery Stowage Assembly) and installed the batteries in the helmet light assemblies on the Orlan-Ms. He also tested the function of the flood and spotlights in the helmet light assemblies.

In further EVA-12 preparations, the crew filled and installed the DIDBs drinking water bags (disposable in-suit drink bags) in the Orlan-M suits #25 and #27. [Both suits will be showing red CDR stripes, but Chiao’s suit will also be marked with a US flag.]

At ~2:55pm EST, Leroy had his weekly PFC (private family conference) via S-band/audio and Ku-band/NetMeeting video.

Working from the Russian task list, in the SM Salizhan transferred new accumulated Matryoshka data tables from the BSPN Matryoshka server via the ISS Wiener laptop to a PCMCIA flash card for subsequent downlink on OCA comm, to clean out the BSPN folder for the upcoming installation of the ROCKVISS experiment. [This had been on the Russian task list last week and was hard scheduled for today. The Matryoshka payload automatically takes measurements in the Service Module (SM) and DC-1 docking compartment for studies of on-orbit radiation and long-term dose accumulation, using six SPD dosimeters deployed throughout the Russian segment as well as in a spherical body-simulating Matryoshka-R phantom and a human torso model outside on the SM hull, mounted there during EVA-9 on 2/27/04. Note: Matryoshka is the name for the traditional Russian set of nestling dolls.]

No CEO targets today.

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Upcoming Key Events:

  • EVA-12 — 1/26/05 (hatch opening 2:27am EST)
  • Progress 16P undocking & destructive reentry — 2/27/05;
  • Progress 17P launch — 2/28/05.
  • EVA-13 — 3/25/05;
  • Soyuz 10 S launch — 4/15/05;
  • Soyuz 9S undock — 4/25/05 (after 193 days on orbit, 191 days on board ISS).

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