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NASA Space Shuttle Processing Status Report 25 May 2007

By SpaceRef Editor
May 29, 2007
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NASA Space Shuttle Processing Status Report 25 May 2007

Note: NASA’s Kennedy Space Center issues Space Shuttle Processing Status Reports periodically and is the source for information regarding processing activities associated with the vehicles and payloads. If you are a member of the media and would like further information, visit:

Mission: STS-117 – 21st International Space Station Flight (13A) – S3/S4 Truss Segment Solar Arrays
Vehicle: Atlantis (OV-104)
Location: Launch Pad 39A
Launch Date: Targeted for June 8, 2007
Crew: Sturckow, Archambault, Reilly, Swanson, Forrester, Olivas and Anderson Inclination/Orbit Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles

At Launch Pad 39A, operations are proceeding on schedule for a June 8 launch. This week, the hypergolic propellants were loaded into the orbiter and solid rocket boosters. Extra Vehicular Mobility Unit Nos. 1 and 2 (space suits) were installed in the orbiter airlock. Functional testing of the external fuel tank camera is complete, and the lens cover has been installed. Loading of the liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen storage tanks, which will provide fuel for the shuttle’s external fuel tank, is complete.

A Flight Readiness Review, a two-day meeting to assess preparations for Atlantis’ mission, will be held on May 30-31.

Mission: STS-118 – 22nd International Space Station Flight (13A.1) – S5 Truss Segment
Vehicle: Endeavour (OV-105)
Location: Orbiter Processing Facility Bay 2
Launch Date: Targeted for Aug. 9, 2007
Launch Pad: 39A
Crew: Kelly, Hobaugh, Williams, Morgan, Mastracchio, Caldwell and Drew
Inclination/Orbit Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles

Endeavour’s payload bay closeouts are complete, and the payload bay doors were closed for rollover to the Vehicle Assembly Building. The strongbacks, which are used to support the doors, have been removed. Preparations are under way for the landing gear functional test, which is scheduled for next week. System checks are under way, with the Forward Reaction Control System thruster verification complete.

In high bay No. 1 of the Vehicle Assembly Building, stacking of the solid rocket boosters for STS-118 has begun. The left aft and the right aft sections of the boosters were lifted into the bay Wednesday and Thursday. The left aft center segment will be lifted into the bay Friday night.

Mission: STS-120 – 23rd International Space Station Flight (10A) – U.S. Node 2
Vehicle: Discovery (OV-103)
Location: Orbiter Processing Facility Bay 3
Launch Date: Targeted for Oct. 20, 2007
Launch Pad: 39A
Crew: Melroy, Zamka, Parazynski, Wheelock, Wilson, Nespoli and Tani
Inclination/Orbit Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles

Inspections of Discovery’s gap fillers, which are located between the thermal tiles, are complete. Testing of the Shuttle to Station Power Transfer System is under way. Power Reactant Storage and Distribution System testing is complete. Functional testing of the atmospheric revitalization pressure control system, part of the orbiter’s life support system, continued this week. Modifications to Discovery’s engine cutoff sensor wiring continue, as does the installation of BRI tile around the main landing gear doors and external tank doors.

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