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NASA Space Shuttle Processing Status Report 10 August 2007

By SpaceRef Editor
August 11, 2007
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Note: NASA’s Kennedy Space Center issues Space Shuttle Processing Status Reports periodically and is the source for information regarding processing activities associated with the vehicles and payloads. If you are a member of the media and would like further information, visit:

Mission: STS-118 – 22nd International Space Station Flight – S5 Truss Segment
Vehicle: Endeavour (OV-105)
Official Launch Date: Aug. 8, 2007
Expected Landing Date: Aug. 19, 2007
Crew: Kelly, Hobaugh, Williams, Morgan, Mastracchio, Caldwell and Drew
Inclination/Orbit Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles

Today is Flight Day 3 for STS-118. Endeavour is on orbit after launching from Pad 39A at KSC at 6:36 p.m. on Aug. 8. On Thursday, the crew conducted a photographic survey of the orbiter’s thermal protection system using the robotic arm and extension boom. Today Commander Scott Kelly successfully flipped the orbiter using the rendezvous pitch maneuver prior to docking at the International Space Station. Docking occurred at 2:02 p.m. EDT.

Mission: STS-120 – 23rd International Space Station Flight – U.S. Node 2
Vehicle: Discovery (OV-103)
Location: Orbiter Processing Facility Bay 3
Launch Date: Targeted for Oct. 23, 2007
Launch Pad: 39A
Crew: Melroy, Zamka, Parazynski, Wheelock, Wilson, Nespoli and Tani Inclination/Orbit Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles

In Orbiter Processing Facility bay No. 3 this week, workers installed the right-hand orbital maneuvering system pod and connections are in work. Forward, mid-body and aft closeout work continues. Checkout of the orbiter’s communications system is also in work.

Stacking of the STS-120 solid rocket boosters in the Vehicle Assembly Building is complete, and closeout work is under way.

Mission: STS-122 – 24th International Space Station Flight – Columbus Module
Vehicle: Atlantis (OV-104)
Location: Orbiter Processing Facility Bay 1
Launch Date: Targeted for Dec. 6, 2007
Launch Pad: 39A
Crew: Frick, Poindexter, Schlegel, Eyharts, Love, Melvin and Walheim
Inclination/Orbit Altitude: 51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles

In Orbiter Processing Bay No. 1, workers are installing new, stronger tiles, known as BRI tiles, around the main landing gear doors. Hydraulic positioning of the body flap and elevons is complete. The main landing gear tires were installed. Removal and replacement of fuel cell No. 3 due to abnormal voltage readings is under way.

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