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NASA Space Shuttle Processing Status 22 Apr 2004

By SpaceRef Editor
April 22, 2004
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NASA Space Shuttle Processing Status 22 Apr 2004

Discovery (OV-103)

Discovery passed two important processing milestones this
week, as progress continues in preparation for the Return to
Flight mission, STS-114, to the International Space Station.
The left-hand Orbital Maneuvering System pod was installed
yesterday. The nose cap could be reinstalled as early as

The nose cap was removed from the vehicle in the summer of
2003 and returned to the vendor, where it underwent numerous
forms of Non-Destructive Evaluation. The tests included X-
rays, ultrasound and eddy current to ensure structural
integrity prior to installation on the vehicle. The nose cap
was also recoated. When returned to KSC, new Thermal
Protection System (TPS) blankets were assembled inside the
nose cap and thermography was performed to document
preflight conditions.

Atlantis (OV-104)

Atlantis is powered up in support of mission processing to
prepare the Space Shuttle for flight to the International
Space Station. Preparations continue for Rudder Speed Brake
actuator removal. Panel removal is scheduled for early next
month, followed shortly by actuator removal.

Build up of all 22 of the left-hand T-seals, the C-shaped
seals that fit between each panel on the wings, is complete,
and 19 have been installed. Right-hand panel assembly is
ongoing, with eight of the 22 completed.

Endeavour (OV-105)

Space Shuttle Endeavour is in Orbiter Major Modification
(OMM) period, which began in December 2003. Structural and
wire inspections in support of the OMM continue in the
forward, mid-body and aft.

X-rays of the four Rudder Speed Brake actuators, which were
removed from the vehicle, showed all of the gears were
correctly installed. The actuators were shipped to the
vendor for a complete inspection. The vendor will begin
inspections with actuators No. 1 and 3, followed by No. 2
and 4.

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