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NASA Space Shuttle Processing Status 14 January 2005

By SpaceRef Editor
January 14, 2005
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NASA Space Shuttle Processing Status 14 January 2005

The Space Shuttle fleet is housed and processed at NASA’s Kennedy Space
Center (KSC), Fla. The order the Space Shuttles are listed in this report does
not necessarily reflect the chronological order of future missions.

Discovery (OV-103)

Technicians continue system testing in support of Discovery’s roll over to the
Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) in March for the Return to Flight mission,
designated STS-114, to the International Space Station. The dome mounted heat
shields, the semi-circle sections of Thermal Protection System tile that are
bolted around the engine interfaces, have been installed for flight.

The new Orbiter Boom Sensor System (OBSS) is in the Remote Manipulator System lab
in the VAB for final checkout and testing. It is scheduled to be moved over to
the Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF) and installed on Discovery next week. The
50-foot-long OBSS will attach to the Remote Manipulator System, or Shuttle
robotic arm, and is one of the new safety measures for Return to Flight,
equipping the orbiter with cameras and laser systems to inspect the Shuttle’s
Thermal Protection System while in space.

Stacking of the Solid Rocket Boosters for the STS-114 mission is complete and the
team is continuing with closeouts. Following the arrival of the redesigned
External Tank at Kennedy Space Center on Jan. 5, the tank was moved to the VAB
and lifted into the checkout cell for final processing. Technicians are beginning
preparations for the aft hard-point closeout spray and should begin that task
this weekend.

Atlantis (OV-104)

Processing of Atlantis for its mission to the International Space Station
continues to progress well with orbiter system testing now under way. The Rudder
Speed Brake actuators and panels are installed and the optics checks are complete
and good.

Fuel cells No. 2 and 3 are installed. Fuel cells use oxygen and hydrogen to
provide electrical power and water during a mission. The airlock is scheduled for
installation this weekend and the Forward Reaction Control System will be
installed as early as next week.

Endeavour (OV-105)

Space Shuttle Endeavour is in its Orbiter Major Modification period, which began
in December 2003. Endeavour was moved from the Vehicle Assembly Building back to
the Orbiter Processing Facility on Jan. 12 following the completion of a
scheduled maintenance period in the bay.

When Endeavour was rolled back into the bay, there was a technical problem with
the communications equipment and the tug driver did not clearly hear the “stop”
command. The orbiter rolled 2-4 inches past its normal location and one tile on
the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer came into contact with a work
platform. There was no structural damage, and the tile will be repaired.

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