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NASA Sources Sought Synopsis for Solar Probe Plus Launch Services

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April 11, 2014
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Synopsis – Apr 11, 2014

General Information

    Solicitation Number: NNK14ZLS005L

    Posted Date: Apr 11, 2014

    FedBizOpps Posted Date: Apr 11, 2014

    Recovery and Reinvestment Act Action: No

    Original Response Date: Apr 30, 2014

    Current Response Date: Apr 30, 2014

    Classification Code: 18 — Space vehicles

    NAICS Code: 336414


Contracting Office Address

NASA/John F. Kennedy Space Center, Procurement, Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899


GENERAL INFORMATION Solicitation Number: N/A Reference Number: NNK14ZLS005L Posted Date: April 11, 2014 FedBizOpps Posted Date: April 11, 2014 Recovery and Reinvestment Act Action: No Original Response Date: April 30, 2014 Current Response Date: April 30, 2014 Classification Code: 18 – Space Vehicles NAICS Code: 336 – Transportation Equipment Manufacturing/336414 – Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Manufacturing

CONTRACTING OFFICE ADDRESS NASA/John F. Kennedy Space Center, Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899

DESCRIPTION The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is seeking information about potential sources for the launch service of the Solar Probe Plus (SPP) mission.

The SPP mission is to determine the structure and dynamics of the Sun’s coronal magnetic field, understand how the solar corona and wind are heated and accelerated, and determine what mechanisms accelerate and transport energetic particles. The SPP launch service will include the launch vehicle (LV), ground support facilities and equipment, test hardware and software, and all launch services required to integrate the payload to the launch vehicle and deliver the Spacecraft (SC) to its required orbit to include but not be limited to: program management, mission integration, launch site support, ground and flight system safety, performance assurance, processing, encapsulation, launch operations, and trajectory verification.

Potential offerors shall be domestic launch service providers pursuant to Section 201 of Public Law 105-303 “Commercial Space Act of 1998”. Potential offerors shall have had at least one successful flight of the common launch vehicle configuration, as defined in NASA Policy Directive (NPD) 8610.7D Launch Services Risk Mitigation Policy for NASA-Owned and/or NASA-Sponsored Payloads/Missions prior to the proposal due date, which is anticipated to be September 2014. Domestic launch service providers having a demonstrated capability to meet or exceed the stated requirements are invited to submit capability packages, appropriate documentation and references. A demonstrated capability includes a minimum of three (minimum two consecutive) successful flights of the proposed common launch vehicle configuration prior to SPP launch to meet certification requirements, in accordance with NPD 8610.7D.

Potential offerors shall be ISO 9001/2008 certified by a registrar accredited by either the International Registrar of Certified Auditors (IRCA) or the Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB). Potential offerors shall comply with this requirement by demonstrating that the corporation(s), corporate division(s), subsidiary(ies), joint venturer(s), partner(s), and/or any other business entity actually performing launch vehicle manufacture, payload/launch vehicle integration, testing, and launch activities is/are ISO 9001/2008 certified.

This is a market research tool and will be used to determine capable launch service providers prior to determining the method of acquisition and issuance of a Request for Proposal. All interested parties are encouraged to respond. The NAICS code for this action is 336414.

SPP MISSION REQUIREMENTS Launch Vehicle Performance: The launch vehicle shall deliver a minimum 685 kg spacecraft (SC) separated (wet) mass to a C3=154 km2/sec2, right ascension of the launch asymptote (RLA) 222.889 deg, declination of the launch asymptote (DLA) -24.0390 deg (EME2000 coordinates), and shall require no more than 60 m/sec Delta-V of spacecraft propellant mass for injection accuracy correction.

Launch Period: SPP will be launched during a 20-day launch period beginning July 31, 2018 and ending on August 19, 2018.

SPP Risk Classification: SPP is classified as a Class B payload, pursuant to NASA Procedural Requirements 8705.4 Risk Classification for NASA Payloads. The launch vehicle must meet Category 3 certification requirements per NPD 8610.7D prior to launch.

SPECIFIC INFORMATION SOLICITED Launch service providers having a demonstrated launch service capability and ability to meet or exceed all aspects of the effort described herein are requested to submit a capabilities statement package demonstrating the ability to perform a launch service with a demonstrated common launch vehicle configuration consistent with the requirements listed above.

The cover letter provided with your submission shall include the following information: Company name and address, company business size and business status (Large, Small, Small Disadvantaged, 8(a), Woman-Owned, Service-Disabled Veteran, HUBZone, business, or Historically Black Colleges and Universities), point-of-contact name, phone number, fax number, email address, and DUNS number. The capability statement package shall address, at a minimum, the following: (1) Information evidencing that the common launch vehicle configuration has had one successful flight or will have a flight by September 2014. If the common launch vehicle configuration has not yet had a successful flight, provide details of when that first flight is planned to occur. (2) Demonstrated launch service experience in accordance with NPD 8610.7D. Experience listed shall include contract number, organization supported, indication of whether prime or subcontractor, contract value, Government point of contact with current telephone number, a brief description of how the contract referenced relates to the services described herein, and planned manifest. (3) Planned generic launch vehicle fleet upgrades to the common launch vehicle configuration implemented prior to the anticipated launch date. (i.e. upgrades anticipated as general evolution of the fleet rather than any specific enhancements necessary to meet SPP requirements.)

(4) Explanation of your launch service’s capability including launch vehicle modifications anticipated to meet each of the SPP mission specific requirements provided above.

(5) A copy of the ISO Certification Certificate.

(6) Confirmation that the offeror is a domestic launch service provider pursuant to Section 201 of Public Law 105-303 “Commercial Space Act of 1998”.

(7) Provide detailed information evidencing the proposed common launch vehicle configuration is a commercial item as defined in FAR 2.101.

RESPONSE INSTRUCTIONS The capabilities statement and its cover letter must be submitted electronically to: [email protected] . The subject line for the email submission should be “SPP Launch Service – Capability Statement”. Responses must be received by April 30, 2014, no later than 4:00 p.m local time. The submission shall be prepared in either PDF or Microsoft Word. The capability statement package shall be no more than 10 pages in length.

DISCLAIMER This does not constitute a Request for Proposal, Invitation for Bid, or Request for Quotation, and it is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government to enter into a contract. Moreover, the Government will not pay for the information submitted in response to this Notice, nor will the Government reimburse a potential offeror for any costs incurred to prepare responses to this request.

NASA does not intend to post information or questions received in response to this request to any website or public access location. NASA does not plan to respond to the individual submittals. Failure to respond to this notice does not exclude any interested party from future consideration for any proposals which may be announced or solicited by NASA.

POINT OF CONTACT Name: Jennifer Dorsey Title: Contracting Officer Phone: 321-867-0337 Fax: 321-867-4848 Email: [email protected]

Point of Contact

    Name: Jennifer L Dorsey

    Title: Contract Specialist

    Phone: 321-867-0337

    Fax: 321-867-4884

    Email: [email protected]

    Name: Joseph M Bell

    Title: Contracting Officer

    Phone: 321-867-1269

    Fax: 321-867-4848

    Email: [email protected]


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