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NASA Solicitation: LH2 Sypply Chain for Kennedy Space Center LC39B in Support of Space Launch System

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December 18, 2012
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Synopsis – Dec 18, 2012

General Information

Solicitation Number: NNK11EA08C
Posted Date: Dec 18, 2012
FedBizOpps Posted Date: Dec 18, 2012
Recovery and Reinvestment Act Action: No
Original Response Date: Jan 02, 2013
Current Response Date: Jan 02, 2013
Classification Code: C — Architect and engineering services
NAICS Code: 541330

Contracting Office Address

NASA/John F. Kennedy Space Center, Procurement, Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899


QinetiQ-NA/Engineering Services Contract plans to issue a Request for Quote ESC-12357-LAM for LH2 Supply Chain for Kennedy Space Center (KSC) LC39B in Support of Space Launch System (SLS).

This procurement is being conducted under Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP).

Synopsis: KSC is seeking technical expertise in the fields of liquid hydrogen (LH2) production, systems engineering, and control or elimination of LH2 losses during production and operation of storage and transfer systems in support of critical space launch systems.

The supply of LH2 at KSC LC39B currently is provided by over the road tankers from Louisiana. Past Space Shuttle launches have required that an existing 850,000 gallon storage tank located at LC39B be filled by this method prior to the start of LH2 tanking operations. Replenish losses were 12.6%, evaporation losses were 12.2%, normal launch loss was 12.9%, and launch scrub with 24 hour turnaround was 7.8%.

The SLS program has defined the launch vehicle architecture by SLS Block 1, 1A, and 2 which are progressively larger launch vehicles using large quantities of LH2. Launches are expected to occur approximately once a year starting in December, 2016. Each mission will include the first launch attempt plus up to 3 scrub turnarounds 24 hours apart. The largest LH2 demand will be the SLS Block 2 configuration estimated to require up to 3 million gallons of LH2 storage tank capacity. It is expected that the SLS Block 2 and the storage and transfer system will have similar percentage losses as the Space Shuttle. Demonstrated technical experience in LH2 production plant design, development, implementation schedule, and capital, maintenance and operations costs using all available technologies currently in use in industry is required.

Demonstrated knowledge of high reliability, critical use and system assurance of availability during LH2 transfer operations including process control systems is required. New technologies can be considered but must have a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), and a high probability for cost and efficiency improvements and solving technical capability issues as a result of the SLS vehicle requirements and standby storage and resupply between missions. Demonstrated experience in project management scope, costs, schedule and operational risks is desired. Technologies that can assure advances in LH2 processing, storage and transfer are the desired goal to obtain a near Zero Loss ground system that will assure a high probability of SLS mission success.

QinetiQ-NA does not intend to acquire a commercial item using FAR Part 12. The NAICS Code and Size Standard is 541330.

The anticipated release date of RFQ ESC-12357-LAM is on or about 01/07/13 with an anticipated quote due date of on or about 01/22/13.

All responsible sources may submit a quote which shall be considered by the agency.

[OMBUDSMAN STATEMENT IS REQUIRED] NASA Clause 1852.215-84, Ombudsman, is applicable. The Center Ombudsman for this acquisition can be found at .

The solicitation and any documents related to this procurement will be available over the Internet. These documents will reside on a World Wide Web (WWW) server, which may be accessed using a WWW browser application. The Internet site, or URL, for the NASA Business Opportunities home page is .

Prospective offerors shall notify this office of their intent to submit an offer. It is the offeror’s responsibility to monitor the Internet site for the release of the solicitation and amendments (if any). Potential quoters will be responsible for downloading their own copy of the solicitation and amendments (if any).

All contractual and technical questions must be submitted in writing (e-mail or fax) to [ENTER NAME] not later than Telephone questions will not be accepted.

Point of Contact

Name: Linda A Master
Title: Sr. Subcontract Administrator
Phone: 321-867-2916
Fax: 999-999-9999

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