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NASA [Smdh] Clarification of ROSES-2022 B.1 The Heliophysics Research Program Overview regarding required templates

By SpaceRef Editor
February 25, 2022
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B.1 The Heliophysics Research Program Overview stated that starting with ROSES-22, by default for proposals to Appendix B (Heliophysics), the template for Current and Pending Support is required for PIs and all Co-Is, regardless of time commitment. However, it was silent as to whether the template for the summary table of work effort, hosted on the same page, must also be used.


The summary table of work effort is a standard component of all ROSES proposals, but use of the standard template for the format of the table is not required for proposals to Appendix B in ROSES-22, merely encouraged. Section 1.11 of B.1 has been clarified to explicitly state this. New text is in bold. 


The templates for the all of the Heliophysics division templates are hosted at

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