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NASA [Smda] Request for Feedback on the Hubble Fellowship Review Recommendation AAS Splinter Session June 15th

By SpaceRef Editor
June 7, 2022
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In the summer of 2021, the NASA Astrophysics Division conducted the first programmatic review of its NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP), intended to assist NASA in increasing the effectiveness of the program and bolstering its excellence.  The review panel’s findings were summarized by the co-chairs in thirty-two recommendations. The report can be found at, near the bottom of the page.


NASA is seeking immediate community input on these recommendations in two ways, a hybrid AAS Splinter Session, and a Community Survey.


1.    AAS Splinter Session June 15th at 10am Pacific Time 


At the 240th AAS meeting on Wednesday June 15th at 10 am Pacific Time there will be a splinter session consisting of a short overview by NHFP Program Scientist Patricia Knezek of where NASA is in developing an implementation plan responding to the report. There will then be a panel-moderated discussion focused on obtaining feedback from the community about the relative priority of the recommendations and thoughts about effective ways to address the recommendations. The community – especially early-career scientists – is encouraged to attend either in-person at the AAS, or remotely via WebEx:


Wednesday, June 15, 2022, 10am PDT, 1:00 pm EDT

Meeting number: 2764 106 6977     Password: DPmgGiE@335

Join by video system Dial

You can also dial and enter your meeting number.

2.    Community Survey


Whether you can attend the Splinter Session or not, we solicit your input via a form available from June 6th, 2022 linked at the NHFP website:


Prompt community input will help prioritize the Splinter Session discussions, but the survey in this form will remain available to the public until August 1, 2022.


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