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NASA SMD ROSES-22 Amendment 29: B.21 Heliophysics Citizen Science Investigations Final Text and Due Dates

By SpaceRef Editor
June 29, 2022
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B.21 Heliophysics Citizen Science Investigations (H-CSI) seeks to strategically promote the use of citizen science, crowdsourcing, and the data they generate in concert with the NASA Heliophysics System Observatory data, during the upcoming Heliophysics Big Year, encouraging proposers to take advantage of the concurrence of multiple solar and heliophysics events.


B.21 H-CSI solicits medium-scale citizen science investigations, mature enough to produce science results and achieve proposed project goals within a maximum 3-year period of performance. Those citizen science investigations at an early phase that require seed funding are encouraged to propose to the cross-disciplinary ROSES Citizen Science Seed Funding Program (CSSFP) program. Investigations previously funded through CSSFP, or a similar program, are welcome to submit proposals to H-CSI, though previous seed funding is not a requirement if scientific readiness can be justified.


ROSES-2022 Amendment 29 releases final text and due dates for B.21 H-CSI. Step-1 proposals are due August 18, 2022, and Step-2 proposals are due October 13, 2022.


On or about June 29 2022, this Amendment to the NASA Research Announcement “Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) 2022” (NNH22ZDA001N) will be posted on the NASA research opportunity homepage at and will appear on SARA’s ROSES blog at:


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